Insect Repellent Clothing

Our range of mosquito repellent clothing allows you to explore without biting insects irritating your skin. Perfect for wearing at both home and abroad, our collection of Moskitophobia protected clothing and accessories help to deter insect bites while quickly wicking away moisture for all round performance. Odourless too, this protective finish ensures protection, regardless of where you are.

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  • Midge Mosquito Head Net

    Was €9.00

    Save 0%

    Special Price: €9.00

  • Casting Mens Green Waterproof Fishing Trousers

    Was €68.00

    Save 32%

    Special Price: €46.00

  • Tackle Mens Green Mosquito Repellent Fishing Vest

    Was €68.00

    Save 47%

    Special Price: €36.00

  • Streamline Mens Green Waterproof Fishing Jacket

    Was €120.00

    Save 42%

    Special Price: €69.00

  • BONAR Mens Shirt
    • Blue
    • Tan
    • Grey
    • No

    BONAR Mens Shirt

    Was €90.00

    Save 36%

    Special Price: €57.00

  • COLLY Mens Short Sleeve Shirt
    • Blue
    • Tan
    • Khaki

    COLLY Mens Short Sleeve Shirt

    Was €75.00

    Save 40%

    Special Price: €45.00

6 Item(s)

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