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Trespass has been designing, manufacturing and selling outdoor clothing and sportswear for more than 70 years. We have a real passion for sport and the outdoors — whether it is cycling, running, skiing or mountain climbing we believe everyone should be able to get outdoors and Go Further.

Our business was established in Glasgow in 1938 and the Trespass brand was born in 1984. While fashions and fads may have changed throughout the years, two things have remained constant here at Trespass: our Glasgow based HQ and our love of the outdoors. From our office, in the Southside of the city, we oversee more than 160 UK stores, sell to wholesale clients around the world and manage our expanding e-commerce website.

Our love of Glasgow, coupled with our love of sport, makes our partnership with Glasgow 2014 all the more exciting. We are the Official Casual Uniform Provider and will be supplying the uniforms for the Queen’s Baton Relay and the Games Workforce. You will see our uniforms on the thousands of volunteers that will be the driving force behind making this the best Commonwealth Games yet. And don’t forget to look out for the batonbearers as they run past with the baton, wearing Trespass, in 70 nations and territories!

In the run up to The Games, make sure you read all about our news and events, right here on our Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games hub. Let’s count down the days until The Games together.


26th Feb 2013

Trespass Uniforms Announced

23rd Jul 2013

One Year To Go Celebrations

16th Aug 2013

Trespass Queen’s Baton Relay Uniform Revealed

7th Oct 2013

Queen’s Baton Relay is Launched

23rd Jul 2014

The Games Open

3rd Aug 2014

Closing of the Games

Take the Tour

Here at Trespass, we love Glasgow. We have been based here for more than 70 years and we can’t wait for everyone to enjoy our city during The Games. Take a look at our map below to see what there is to see and do throughout Glasgow during your stay.

Trespass Glasgow Stores

  • Clydebank
  • Glasgow Xscape
  • Braehead
  • Silverburn
  • St. Enoch Centre

Glasgow 2014 Venues

  • Tollcross International Swimming Center
  • Cathkin Braes Mountain Bike Trails
  • Celtic Park
  • Emirates Arena
    including the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome
  • Glasgow National Hockey Centre
  • Hampden Park
  • Ibrox Stadium
  • Kelvingrove Lawn Bowls Centre
  • SECC Precinct
  • Scotstoun Sports Camps

Top Landmarks to See

  1. Clyde Auditorium (Armadillo)
  2. The Clyde Arc
  3. Glasgow Finnieston Crane
  4. Duke of Wellington Statue
  5. George Square
  6. The River Clyde
  7. The Tall Ship
  8. Kingston Bridge
  9. Glasgow Cathedral & Necropolis

Top Attractions to Visit

  1. Glasgow Botanic Gardens
  2. Riverside Museum
  3. Kelvingrove Art Gallery
  4. Glasgow Science Centre
  5. Glasgow School of Art
  6. The Modern Art Gallery
  7. The Merchant City
  8. Kelvingrove Lawn Bowls Centre
  9. People’s Palace And Winter Gardens
  10. Pollock House and Country Park

Glasgow 2014 Unveils the Baton and Uniforms for the Queens Baton Relay

The Queen’s Baton Relay baton and batonbearers official uniform were unveiled this evening, at an exciting event held on the banks of the River Clyde. As the designers of the official uniform, everyone at Trespass has been anxiously awaiting the unveiling — and now we’re so excited to be able to share the design with you.

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The Uniforms

The batonbearers uniform comprises of a t-shirt and trousers combo, which will be worn by thousands of people as the baton travels across the 71 nations of the Commonwealth. The t-shirt features the Queen’s Baton Relay logo, as well as modern, contrasting yellow and blue stripes. The stripes have been chosen to represent the baton’s journey across the world. The trousers are a beautiful ‘heritage’ blue, which invokes thoughts of Scottish tradition and the Saltire flag.

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The Games

There are 17 sporting events at every Commonwealth Games, 10 of which are required to feature in every competition schedule for every Commonwealth Games. A further 7 sports are chosen from a selection of 16 available by the host city. Below are the 17 sports that will feature in the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

  • Aquatics

    Swimming & Diving - Demands speed, strength, stamina aswell as control and precision. A fraction of a second or one fierce exhalation can make the difference between winning and losing..

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  • Athletics

    Athletics is one of the most eagerly anticipated and popular sports in the Commonwealth Games, with all eyes on the athletes’ blistering pace, tactical endurance and sheer strength..

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  • Badminton

    Badminton is a game of finesse and supreme skill, requiring explosive strength, agility and precision.

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  • Boxing

    Boxing is a dramatic contest of strength, reflexes and endurance, and one of the most physically tough and demanding sports on the Games programme.

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  • Cycling

    Mountain Bike, Road & Track - Cycling is an adrenaline-packed sport that requires athletes to display an exciting mix of speed, strength, endurance and tactics.

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  • Gymnastics

    Artistic & Rhythmic - Both optional gymnastics sports, require grace, flexibility and athleticism as well as pure strength.

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  • Hockey

    Hockey is a fast-paced sport that demands speed, stamina and control, offering non-stop action.

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  • Judo

    Judo is a highly physical sport with a strong ethical code and guiding philosophy.

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  • Lawn Bowls

    Lawn Bowls is a game of strategy requiring intense concentration and precision, with athletes from all age groups and backgrounds demonstrating accuracy and nerve.

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  • Netball

    Netball is a dynamic sport that requires athleticism, skill and tactics from its athletes.

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  • Rugby

    Rugby Sevens, a variant of the traditional Rugby Union game, is a fast and furious contest with high point-scoring and hard hits.

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  • Shooting

    Shooting requires an intense level of focus and concentration, skill and nerve.

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  • Squash

    Squash is a high-speed, energetic racquet sport that requires athletes to have outstanding levels of fitness as well as precise ball placement within a compact, enclosed field of play.

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  • Table Tennis

    Table Tennis is a game that requires accuracy, speed and placement — and split-second reactions to keep the ball in play.

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  • Triathlon

    Triathlon demonstrates the fitness and endurance as well as the mental and physical strength of some of the world’s most talented athletes.

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  • Weightlifting

    Weightlifting is a test of pure strength and gravity-defying power and a real spectator favourite as world-class athletes thrust huge weights into the air.

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  • Wrestling

    Wrestling is a classic contest between two athletes seeking dominance through a range of grapples, holds, pummels, throws and pins.

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