Travel Wallets

Keep your credit cards and cash safe and secure with one of our fantastic travel wallets and money belts. You don't want to worry about nasty pickpockets and losing your money by accident, so choose a travel wallet that will keep it close to hand and away from prying eyes. Choose from a range of styles and colours, to find your favourite, affordable travel wallet or money belt.

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  • Porthos Wallet
    • Black
    • Grey

    Porthos Wallet

    Was £6.99

    Save 57%

    Special Price: £2.99

  • Flood Wash Travel Wash Bag

    Was £22.99

    Save 43%

    Special Price: £12.99

  • Wanderlust Passport & Luggage Tag

    Was £19.99

    Save 75%

    Special Price: £4.99

3 Item(s)

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