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10 Reasons Why Your Fleece Jacket Is Fantastic

As any hardened outdoor traveller will tell you, a fleece jacket or jumper is an essential when battling the cold elements. Warm, comfortable and protective, fleece jackets and hoodies are a fantastic choice for any adventure.

Fleece was invented in 1979 and was originally referred to as polar fleece. Designed to be a cheaper replacement for wool, in some ways, fleece jackets have surpassed wool in usefulness, warmth and versatility – plus they have a whole host of other benefits! Being vegan-friendly might just one of them…

Here at Trespass, we love fleece jackets. A lot. So much so that we’ve cooked up 10 reasons why we think your fleece jacket is fantastic. Enjoy!


1 | It Keeps You Warm

When you are out in freezing temperatures and icy winds, you want clothing which can keep you warm without feeling stuffy or overheated. Fleece material is excellent at insulating body heat as it traps in warm air, keeping you protected from the temperature outside of your fleece jacket.

2 | Gets Rid of Sweat

As well as trapping in heat, fleece also wicks moisture away from the body. Once you start exerting energy, you will start sweating and if this is held against the skin for too long it will lower your body temperature and potentially make you ill. Fleece works to wick moisture away from the body, and then evaporates it to keep you and your fleece jacket feeling fresh.

3 | Lightweight

Fleece is incredibly lightweight. This makes it great for packing into small bags and rucksacks, so you don’t have to carry lots of heavy kit around with you. Imagine taking a heavy woollen jumper on a trek, only to find glorious sunshine the whole way – you would be a bit peeved about having to carry it around with you. A warm or lightweight fleece jacket is a great alternative.



4 | Quick Drying

Ever been caught in a sudden, heavy downpour of rain? Yeah, us too (and every other Briton to walk the earth). If your fleece jacket gets wet it will dry very quickly due to its lightweight fibres. This is also a bonus when it comes to washing your fleece jacket too, as it will be back in commission in next to no time.

5 | Choose Your Level

There is a variety of different ‘levels’ of fleece to choose from. You have the choice of very lightweight microfleeces, right up to heavier items which allows you to use fleece as a mid-layer, lightweight jacket, cosy jumper or warm fleece jacket. This makes fleece the perfect material for layering. Have a look at our layering guide for more information on how to layer clothes.

6 | Versatile

Fleece can be used for everything and anything. Not just reserved for fleece jackets, you will also find fleece material in blankets, socks, gilets, bed sheets, linings and much more.



7 | Fleece Is Vegan

Fleece is a vegan alternative to wool – often referred to as synthetic wool – therefore making it cruelty-free and suitable for anyone conscious of their clothes being vegan and animal-friendly.

8 | Eco-Friendly

Want to watch your carbon footprint? Fleece can be produced using recycled materials and you can even find fleece jackets made from recycled plastic bottles!

9 | Super Durable

Fleece is also very hard wearing because it is made from man-made fibres. This means your fleece jacket can live a long and happy life, surviving many adventures and washes, without you having to worry about it fading or bobbling.

10 | No Bobbles!

Speaking of bobbling – Trespass fleece jackets are made with Airtrap fabric, which is anti-pilling and works to prevent bobbles forming. This means it’ll look fresher and newer for much longer than your average fleece!

How can you say no to a fleece? Fleece for life.

Last updated: September 5, 2018 at 8:59 am

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