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10 Waterfalls to Visit in the UK

No matter what time of year it is, waterfalls never fail to stop us in our tracks with their sheer beauty. In the summer months, they offer a place to cool down and perhaps enjoy a dip, whereas, in winter, their power is invigorating – a great place to stop and relax. Getting outdoors and visiting a waterfall can be a real adventure – whether you’re simply admiring the view or going for a wild swim, you’re guaranteed to leave rejuvenated.

Not only are waterfalls majestic and beautiful to look at – they play an essential role in the environment and provide us with so many benefits we probably didn’t think of. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Health & Eco-benefits of waterfalls

  • Purification of water: waterfalls add oxygen to water sources which helps fish to breathe and live.
  • They keep the ecosystem alive: waterfalls provide a healthy life for rivers which leads to new plant life, and a healthy eco-system for animals like lizards, reptiles, and wild birds.
  • Health benefits: Scientists have proven waterfalls (and water bodies) bring calmness, reducing stress and depression.

On that note! Let’s go chasing waterfalls.

Read on for the best waterfalls in the UK

*these are our personal favorites, there are so many more to explore! We’ll try to keep this updated as and when we find new spots.

Waterfalls in Scotland 📍

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye – Scotland

The Fairly Pools are located at Glenbrittle on the Isle of Skye. These famous pools attract visitors from all over the world, and they make a great ‘wild swimming’ spot for those brave enough to get in. Those less adventurous will have an equally wonderful time hiking and exploring the magical Instagram-able views.

Falls of Clyde – Scotland

The Falls of Clyde in Scotland is known for its spectacular waterfalls, diverse birdlife, and scenic woodland walks. There’s a short 6km woodland riverside walk that runs straight from the visitor centre to the reserve. A great day out!

Meat Falls, Isle of Skye – Scotland

Another waterfall in Skye, we couldn’t forget Meat Falls and the Kilt Rock. They’re an iconic part of the landscape. Not for the faint-hearted, the 180-foot waterfall is equally stunning and terrifying. The waterfall plummets at a ferocious speed into the rock-laden coast below. You can view Mealt Falls and Skye’s famous mountain – the Kilted Rock, from the Trotternish Peninsula – just north of Portree.

Waterfalls in Wales 📍

Pistyll Rhaeadr – Wales

Pistyll Rhaedr is the highest waterfall in wales and arguably the most enchanting. The waterfall is located in the Berwyn Mountains, west of Oswestry and Shrewsbury. You can reach the top of the falls by a public footpath which takes around 20 minutes. It’s a great base to explore the Berwyn Mountains and surrounding hills – a hiker’s paradise!

It’s time to visit the best waterfall in wales!

The four waterfalls, Brecon Beacons – Wales

Did you know the Brecon Beacons is known as waterfall country? Waterfall country is an area full of caves, gorges, and dramatic waterfalls. The four waterfalls walk follows a trail past Sgwd Clun-Gwyn, Sgwd Isaf Clun-Gwyn, Sgwd Y Pannwr, and the favourite, Sgwd Yr Eira. The most popular is Sgwd Yr Eira because you can get up close with nature, and actually walk behind the water. 

Waterfalls in England 📍

Ingleton Falls – England

Ingleton Falls is in the village of Ingleton, just a short distance from Yorkshire Dales. The trail follows a well-paved footpath that runs close to the edge of the two rivers – offering superb views of the waterfalls. We recommend wearing sturdy walking boots or walking shoes as the trail is 4.3 miles and involves a lot of steep steps.

High Force, County Durham – England

High Force is one of the most impressive waterfalls in England. Surrounded by the stunning countryside of Upper Teasdale and situated in the Northern Pennines Area of Outstanding Beauty – this is a waterfall not to be missed. You can access the waterfall by meandering down a gentle wooded walk – which leads you to superb views at the base of the falls.

Aira Force, Lake District – England

Perhaps the most famous waterfall in the Lake District, Aira Force is located in Matterdale. It was the backdrop for William Wordsworth’s poem ‘Somnambulist’ – a gothic tale of love and tragedy. There are many woodland trails dotted around which all lead to the dramatic falls. And, it’s a national trust site – so you can expect top-notch facilities.

Waterfalls in Ireland 📍

Glenoe – Northern Ireland

If you find yourself in the quaint little village of Glenoe, you should visit the Glenoe Waterfall. A short stroll from the village, and a meander around the wooded glen leads you to one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Northern Ireland.

Powerscourt Waterfall – Ireland

The Powerscourt Waterfall is known as Ireland’s best waterfall. The waterfall is located in the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains – a popular hiking destination. The scenic walking trail takes just 30 minutes. However, there is plenty to do in the surrounding Powerscourt Estate, which has great on-site facilities including a snack bar and playground.

Whoever said ‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls’ obviously hasn’t visited these beautiful waterfalls! Grab your wetsuit and aqua shoes – it’s time to explore.