11 Things To Take To A Day Music Festival

Festivals are fun, this we all know.

Dancing and singing along to your idol performing in front of your eyes, making memories in the campsite with your best friends and family, there’s nothing not to love about it. Apart from the rain, if and when that happens over the weekend.

However, more and more non-camping festivals have popped up in the last few years, which is great news for those who may not fancy going without a proper shower for a few days but it also means you can’t pack a full ruck sack of stuff to take with you.

When you’re limited to an ordinary backpack, or even just a bum bag if you want to maintain your festival aesthetic, then it can be difficult to pack a whole day’s necessities.

So, what are the ultimate essentials for a day festival? Luckily, we have experience on our side and are here to assist you…

Meet Rona McMillan, a Scottish lifestyle and travel blogger based in our HQ hometown of Glasgow.

To celebrate the launch of our 2018 festival range, we sent Rona to the first weekend of the 2018 TRNSMT Festival in Glasgow Green to enjoy the unexpected heatwave, live music and more, and she has all of the top tips to help you prepare with minimal fuss.

First of all, she has two must-haves: sunglasses and a waterproof.

Describing it as “the BEST thing” she took to TRNSMT, Rona says that our Qikpac Women’s Parkway Waterproof Jacket was “the handiest thing to have with” her. Although the sun was beaming down on her all day, it can easily be tied around your waist on a nice day so you can use it for a nice seat on the grass and will come in super handy if the rain does come on.

On the other hand, the sunglasses are ideal for any bright day. In 30 degree heat they’re definitely a must-have but even a rainy day can have skies so blue it makes it hard to see, which can easily be avoided.

Rona wore the leopard print Halcyon DLX Sunglasses that are cool, stylish and have that all-important UV protection to keep your eyes nice and safe in the sun.

Besides your jacket and sunglasses, there’s some absolute essentials to pack that will easily fit in a rucksack or bum bag.

To save you the hassle of writing a checklist yourself, just follow our lovely bullet pointed list below to make sure that you’re ready for whatever the day brings your way.

  • Hand sanitiser – a must!
  • Tissues or wipes – you know what those Portaloos can be like
  • Sun cream – if you’re taking a bum bag, take a mini with you
  • Paracetamol – you don’t want a migraine on your big day
  • Hair bobbles – for those lads and ladies fortunate enough to have long locks
  • Cash – as Rona advised, you should take it out beforehand to avoid those nasty ATM charges inside
  • Ticket – you won’t get in without it!
  • ID – see above
  • Water bottle – there’s refillable stations at most festivals and it’ll save plastic bottle waste!

And there you have it, folks – everything you need for a fabulous and (hopefully) sun-kissed day of fun at a festival.


Words: Ross McNeilage

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