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Best 2 Man Pop Up Tents

Sleeping under the stars in the night sky, being at one with nature and that feeling of freedom is something that wild campers live for, they call it ‘expedition happiness’. If you don’t want to set off on your voyage by yourself, going with an adventurous friend in a two-man tent is a great way to spend the weekend or week away appreciating the outdoors. If you’re new to camping and you have come to terms with sacrificing your king size bed and day-to-day comforts, you’re in for a real treat.

There are a few essential items that you need for wild camping yet, our number one would always be your tent. Your tent is essentially your home so it has to be big enough for the number of people on the trip as well as being durable and comfortable. Wild camping has become popular over the years from a long weekend adventure to munro bagging trips with friends. It’s definitely one of the best ways to discover remote parts of the country, capturing stunning landscapes that you’ve never really appreciated before. If you’re looking for something substantial or if you’re looking for a 2 man pop up tent for the kids’ when they want to move story time outside in the garden or a pop up beach tent – do not fret, we have got something for everyone.

You will gain so many benefits from unzipping your front door, breathing in the fresh air and appreciating the beautiful views. You start to value and treasure what you have, time gets a lot slower and you’re able to think on your own without always getting questioned. It really is magical. Brave the conditions, follow our tent guide and set off on your quest, well equipped.

Before purchasing your tent, you should consider the following:

  • Where will you be going and what weather conditions will you encounter?
  • Is the weight of the tent going to be an issue – are you bag-packing and need something lightweight?
  • How much space do you need?
  • Do you want an easy set-up? (This will be handy if you’re travelling with young kids’)
  • What is your budget?

*Top Trespass Tip – When you’re wild camping, your tent becomes your home away from home. You want to feel safe within it so it’s certainly something you should invest in. Take the time to do your research and make sure you find the most suitable tent for you – you won’t regret it, trust the experts.

The Swift 2 man pop up tent comes in a handy carrier bag which is easy to assemble – great for beginners. When assembling you want to pop it out and peg it to the ground preventing it from blowing away in the wind. The Swift is the best pop-up tent for garden use with the kids. With added fairy lights and midnight snacks, the Swift will soon become the children’s favourite spot for dreaming. Whether inside or outside, the idea of having a separate den away from the house and out of sight from adults becomes exciting and enchanting for the little ones. You won’t have to worry about the beasties getting in either, the Swift is well equipped with a full mosquito net door. It is also fully fire retardant and waterproof. All in all, ‘swift’ & easy. Available in an azure blue, fuchsia pink and ruby red. We also hold stock of patterned Swifts, available in a groovy chick (if you know, you know) graphic pink and purple design and a lemongrass stripe.

The Beatnik lightweight 2 man tent comes within a small carrier bag which is super lightweight and compact. Perfect for the regular campers or festival-goers only wanting to carry the bare minimal as they may have to do a lot of walking to and from the campsite. The Beatnik is a two person tent which is spacious and will fit two people as well as their bags and other essential items. It also comes with fibreglass poles which keeps your mind at rest when the weather gets a little windier. The fibreglass poles help to keep the tent upright and will protect you from the elements whilst helping to ensure you get a good nights rest. Beatnik also protects against moisture with up to 1500mm and has taped seams which helps to prevent leaks at the joints, perfect for rainy nights in the UK (and there’s plenty of them!) Not only that, the tent is also fire retardant so you’ll be able to build as many fires as you like without having to worry. Finished with accents of bright orange so that you’re able to find it amongst the sea of tents at a festival.

The Tarmachan 2 man tent is a double skin tent which consists of an inner tent that isn’t waterproof and is “usually made partially or entirely from mesh and an outer tent, called a flysheet, that is waterproof. The idea behind this is that the outer tent protects the inner tent from the elements and provides a space between the two to help insulate and reduce condensation.” Available in a sunset hue, waking up in the morning isn’t a struggle as the colour radiates around the space and onto your face where you believe the sun is shining outside even though it may not be. We don’t know about you but it’s already in our basket… Tarmachan offers a comfortable sleeping space with extra room for another person or added baggage. It also has a mini porch area where the front flap can be folded and tied up when the weather is dryer which is perfect for muddy walking boots, shoes and excess gear that you don’t want within the tent.