5 Tips for Getting Back-to-School Ready in Autumn & Winter

When it comes to Back-to-School shopping, it’s never really over. The long checklist of necessities that cover both the classroom and playground is never-ending, especially when the kids are more concerned with making sure they’ve got the newest (and most annoying theme-tuned) toy to take into school with them.

Being Back-to-School ready is always a challenge in the UK as we all know too well how quickly the golden autumn weather can turn chilly. You need to bear this in mind when shopping for school as purchases must be versatile to suit the colder months that are fast approaching, too.

While buying everything at once might make for a more heartbreaking total on the receipt, it’s better to have everything in the house so there’s no need for an emergency shop when the snow makes an appearance on the 1st of October and there’s a hole in every sock.

So, you’ve got the school jacket, the bag, the uniform, the shoes… surely that’s it, no? Unfortunately not, as there’s plenty of other bits and bobs needed for them to be fully prepared for yet another educational year.

But never fear – Trespass is here to help. Check out our 5 Top Tips to achieving a versatile school wardrobe…

Choose Boots Over Shoes

While classic school shoes are always a safe bet, it might be worthwhile investing in some sturdier kids walking boots as a more flexible alternative that can be worn in many different climates. Although not ideal for the summer heat, they will be perfectly versatile for autumn and leading into the damper and frostier times winter has in store.

The smart black leather Walker Kids’ Boots are a great choice or go for the subtler dark leather design of the Louiza Girls’ Ankle Boots, your kids will look super stylish and have comfortable and protected feet, too.

Let Them Run Wild

A big part of school, if we remember correctly, is P.E. Leaving the four walls of the classroom to run havoc in the gym hall is loads of fun, and they’re getting their exercise in, too.

Make sure they never have to sit out and miss out with the right pair of running trainers to get active in. We have a wide range of active shoes for kids from school gym shoes to the Tracking Trainers that are expertly crafted from memory foam in a lightweight design to keep your kids on the move with ease.

Wrap Up Warm in Woollies

The lush autumnal breeze turns to a super wintry chill in a blink every year, so it’s great to have items in the wardrobe that’ll accommodate both the easy and the extremes.

Our range of beanie hats is guaranteed to keep your kids warm and cosy for playing outside or walking to and from school, and are all designed with breathability ratings to keep their heads from getting stuffy.

From our adorable Nefti Kids’ Beanie, which comes in seven different colours, perfect for the fusspot, to the reversible Reagan Beanie Hat, they can keep their ears warm and their street cred intact.

Happiness Starts with a Full Belly

It always seems to take a little longer to get up on wintery mornings. The warmth of your bed makes it almost painful to get out from under the covers. However, the best way to beat that sluggish feeling is the joy of food. Who would have thought?

Wake them up with hot porridge to win the battle on a cold morning, and treat them to a wholesome packed lunch for break time. The Nuko Cool Lunch Box is the best way to keep their playtime snacks and lunch nice and fresh. With a 3 litre capacity, it’ll hold all they need and more, while our 0.6 litre Swallowed Sports Bottle is a pocket-sized reusable water bottle that will easily encourage them to stay hydrated.

Wet Weather? Grab Some Wellies!

In addition to the temperature dropping, the wind growing and snow falling, the autumn and winter months are known for being the wettest. Great. Nobody wants to be walking with squidgy shoes after stepping into a puddle on the walk to school – a move that’ll also have their socks and trousers damp for the day – so wellies are a must-have

Our range of boys wellies and girls wellies is extensive, colourful and vast, especially for the little ones. Some of our favourites have to be the Astron Kids’ Wellington Boots – young, dreamy, and perfect for primary-aged kids.

Now they’ll be set ’til next spring – unless they have a growth spurt overnight…!

Check out the Back-to-School Shopping Checklist to make sure you’ve got everything else covered, too

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