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Air Beds and Pumps

How to blow up an air bed?

Flashbacks to holidays in the sun with the family, gasping for more oxygen as you take in deep breaths and repeat until your pool inflatable is ready to greet the water for the first time. You almost bring the stress on yourself as you and your little one are as excited as each other. Once blown up, you instantly become the coolest family in the hotel resort. That’s how we feel about air beds when camping. Though, we wouldn’t want you to have the same struggles as you have when holidaying abroad, we would rather you had the equipment to help you save time as well as your lungs.

Top Trespass Tip – We would recommend a cordless USB air pump when camping.

You can blow up an air bed with the following:

The cordless electric air pump can run for as long as 8 minutes unplugged. With 3 interchangeable adapters, it’s the perfect helping hand for air beds and any other inflatable products. With an airflow of 200 litres per minute, your inflatables (and your heart) will be full in no time.


  • 8 Minutes Cordless Runtime
  • 3 Changeable Adapters for Airbeds, Toys and Other Inflatables
  • Inflate and Deflate Modes
  • USB Charging and Car Adapter

No access to a cordless electric air pump?

  • Vacuum – making sure the vacuum is clean and emptied out, run it for 10-15 seconds to make sure there’s no debris left in the hose. Once cleaned, replace your nozzle with one that will be compatible. Lay your air bed flat on the floor to ensure fast and uniform inflation. From there, attach the vacuum hose to the inflation valve and allow the air to fully inflate.
  • Hairdryer – find a nozzle that will fit into the inflation valve and repeat the steps above. DO NOT use hot air as this can cause your bed to melt, we would suggest cold air to prevent damage.
  • A rubbish bag – collect air in the rubbish bag and hold the open end tightly with your hands. Open the mattress valve and place the bag around it. You can secure this with rubber bands or string for a tighter seal. Repeat until the mattress is inflated. This may take you some time… hence why it’s definitely our last option.

How to deflate an air bed with a pump?

Follow these four simple steps.

  1. Open the valve. At this point, you should hear the air bed begin to deflate.
  2. Gently press on the air bed to squeeze the air out.
  3. Using your electric pump, place the nozzle in the valve and change the settings to deflate the air bed.
  4. Once deflated, roll and fold pack into original packing.

How to deflate an air bed without a pump?

Follow these four simple steps.

  1. Open the valve. Again, you should instantly hear the air bed begin to deflate.
  2. Gently press on the air bed to squeeze the air out using both your hands and knees for maximum impact.
  3. After pressure has been applied, the air bed should be flat enough to roll, fold and pack into original packaging.

What is the best air bed for Camping?

Here at Trespass, we have the best camping air beds suitable for outdoor camping trips afar or for the kids’ sleepover parties at home. From single to doubles, thin to thick inflatable mattresses, we will have something to suit your needs. If you’re travelling alone and will face rough terrain with less storage, we would recommend our single mattress with inflatable pillow – super easy to roll up and attach to your bag without having to worry about the time it takes you to inflate or deflate. It self-inflates within 4-7 breaths… yip, effortless and just what you need after a long day in the great outdoors.


  • Blow up Double Mattress
  • Flocked Surface
  • Perfect for family camping
  • Durable construction
  • Multi-adapter valve


  • Lightweight
  • Packed Weight: 1.5kg
  • Inflated Dimensions: 190cm x 60cm x 5cm