Back-to-School Essentials

Nobody wants to believe that the summer holidays come to an end, but unfortunately for kids up and down the country, the school term is fast approaching. To help you get your little ones prepped for going back to school, we have created a list of essentials for you to use as a guide. This way you can spend less time stressing and more time enjoying what is left of the summer.

School Uniform

If your child goes to a school that has a set uniform, make sure to check that their uniform from last year still fits. Kids are constantly growing, and the summer holidays give plenty of time for them to spring-up unnoticed.

A couple of weeks before term time starts, have a dry run to see what still fits and what needs to be replaced. This should give you plenty of time to hit the shops and get some new threads that will fit and leave your child feeling comfortable and confident to start the educational year.

School Shoes

Your kids will no doubt be needing a new pair of school shoes. Whether they’ve outgrown their old ones or scuffed and scraped them beyond repair, we have a wide range of high quality and reasonably priced smart school shoes and running trainers that will suit them perfectly.

School Coat

Trespass’ speciality is high quality and durable outdoor jackets for a range of purposes, which luckily for you includes Back-to-School!

Our School Jackets come in a variety of bright colours and graphic prints that will make your kids the envy of the playground. We have a huge range of styles including parka, padded, quilted, packaway, 3-in-1, microfleece and faux fur-trimmed, making it easy for you to choose a style perfectly suited to your child.

Keeping the Great British weather in mind, we’ve made sure all of our kids’ jackets are waterproof, too. They each come with a TP (Trespass Performance) rating that demonstrates the different levels of performance our garments offer. If you would like to learn more about the difference between these TP ratings then please read our Trespass Ratings Guide here.

School Bag

Each term time brings with it more complex schoolwork for your child, and year on year, they will require more room in their school bags to hold the additional books and supplies necessary to keep up.

If the time has come to upgrade your child’s school bag then look no further. At Trespass, we’re not just about the large camping-style rucksacks, we also offer a variety of smaller backpacks that are perfect for going back to school.

Our trendy Aabner bag comes in 10 different colourways to suit fussy infants of all ages (including grown-up ones, too) and match their uniform or personality.

Lunch Box

To fuel a day full of learning, your child will need some break time snacks and a good hearty lunch. A kids lunch box big enough to hold everything your child needs to keep them nourished and satisfied is very important, but something too bulky may prove impractical.

The Nuko Cool Lunch Box is the best way to keep their brain fuel nice and fresh. With a 3 litre capacity, it’ll hold all they need and more, while our 0.6 litre Swallowed Sports Bottle is a pocket-sized reusable water bottle that will easily encourage them to stay hydrated.

Pencil Case Supplies

You may need to upgrade your child’s current pencil case and fill it with plenty of pencils and pens to last them the school term. They will also require a sharpener to keep their pencils sharp and an eraser to hide any mistakes. Coloured pencils and pens are also necessary for school work (and easier to get them to do their homework), with highlighter pens proving beneficial, too.

Maths Supplies

Mathematics is a subject that requires some equipment. Depending on how advanced your child’s maths is becoming, they may need: a calculator (potentially scientific if in high school), ruler, protractor and a compass. Check with the school before term begins if you are unsure what is necessary.

School Planner

If the school does not supply one, a notepad or diary is essential for noting down set homework, deadlines and important events on in the school’s social calendar including sports matches, parents’ evenings, and discos (which they won’t want to miss out on). These are also handy for you to keep track of your child and make sure they’re doing the required work.

Polypockets are a great extra to have for the safe storage of important letters, certificates or any precious projects.

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful and we wish you luck with preparing your kids for going back to school (you’ll need it)!

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Written by: Natalie Green