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Best Backpack Chairs for Fishing

Photo Credits: John Sekutowski @ Unsplash

Fishing takes a lot of patience, practice and skill; just like any hobby really. You need to be alert at all times and it gives you the chance to be outdoors surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The best thing about fishing? The quiet… it gives you time to be by yourself, to disconnect from daily life and to connect with nature.

With Go Fishing Day on the 18th of June, you may want to update your current outdoor fishing gear, you could be a beginner looking for a new hobby or even looking for a gift for someone who loves the pastime of fishing. Whoever it’s for, we have the best chairs for fishing.

Top 3 Best Chairs for Fishing

1. Jubilee

Trespass Loves. Our 3-in-1 multipurpose backpack chair for Hiking and Fishing is what you need, look no further. Designed smart, the Jubilee is perfect for when you need to take break. The 3-in-1 features a backpack, lightweight/detachable chair and a fully insulated 1.8 litre cool bag to help keep food and beverages cold or warm depending on the weather with an additional bottle carrier. The backpack chair packs away easily in a Trespass branded carrier bag with ample luggage space. The Velcro straps at either side of the rucksack holds the foldable chair in place for when you’re on the go again. Developed with a polyester PVC coated material, the backpack and chair is also easily wiped if dirty and withstands unforeseeable weather.

2. Ritchie

The Ritchie is our 2nd favourite fishing chair suitable for several outdoor pursuits. Why? It’s compact and fits into a 30L regular sized backpack as well as being incredibly lightweight. The Ritchie folding tripod stool is practical yet comfortable with a hard-wearing fabric seat for durability. The steel frame also adds durability properties and enhances overall support. Available in tropical and navy stripe.

3. Perch

You can bet your bottom dollar that Perch is one of our best portable chairs, ideal for fishing and wild camping. Lightweight and made out of well-constructed breathable materials, the Perch chair is both easily assembled and dissembled and is perfect for fishing trips away. Designed in a olive green colourway, you’ll be able to perch happily and camouflage yourself from others. This time is for you, enjoy it while it lasts.

As well as chairs we also have fishing bags and rucksacks which come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. The primary purpose of a fishing bag is to store your items needed for your trip. We have bags that are smaller for anglers who like to travel light as well as larger holdalls for longer trips away. As well as traditional shoulder bags with adjustable straps, we also have bum bags and duffle bags. Features of these bags will include multiple compartments and pockets, sunglasses holders and even insulated coolers.

We would also recommend a bag that is waterproof as fishing environments tend to be wet and windy, whether you’re on a boat or hip high in water in the local river. It is important to keep the bag free from water as fishing equipment can be expensive and your essentials will be in there too, including your keys, mobile phone and money. Another factor you should consider is how comfortable the bag is and whether it holds your foldable chair and/or fishing rods.