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Best Camping Chairs – Buying Guide

Imagine this. Sitting comfortably in the sunshine with your eyes closed and your face titled upwards, embracing the rays as they warm the surface of your skin. Listening to the sound of the children’s hoorays as they play outdoors, the feeling of the breeze finally reaching you as you get too warm and the smell of the BBQ greeting the tips of your nostrils. Absolute bliss. A little vitamin D improves your mood and makes you feel energetic and the feelings of calm and focus decreases the effects of stress. Reading this – you are probably sat reminiscing about those summer moments with family and friends and thinking, as soon as these restrictions are released and THAT DAY comes, we will be able to grasp both an iced homemade lemonade and the hands of your loved ones, once more. Excited yet? We are too.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves and start booking campsites, we need to consider what equipment we already have to take with us. The old camp chair that has been neglected in the garage, gifted to you from your great grandmother simply won’t do – you deserve the best which we are able to provide you. You have earned it after a year of staying at home.

For the glampers and campsite holidaymakers a camp chair is compulsory. In the morning, you want to sit down comfortably to eat your breakfast, then perhaps in the afternoon you are up and about exploring, mid-afternoon you’re back at the campsite resting and taking in your surroundings with some snacks, before you know it, it’s dinner time and you’re sat again around the portable table. As well as being active, that’s a lot of time sitting. Suffer from a bad back? Find it hard to find a chair with all the design functions you need? Take the weight off your feet and relax. We have done the hard work for you.

As the sun goes down, collect around the campfire with our folding garden chairs.

Drumroll please… The Glentilt is one of our best folding chairs, larger in size and full of added luxuries, this is the perfect addition to your camping necessities. Including a reclining back, supportive foam padding and extended length for those longer legs, the Glentilt is easily movable with sliding armrests and added locking clasps to allow for a smooth transition between upright and reclining positions. This helps you to find the best sit depending on what you’re up to.

As well as being able to transition smoothly, the Glentilt is quickly and easily folded away. Being flat and compacted, storage and transportation is a breeze. Once folded, the chair is easily carried weighing only 7.5kg. With a durable matte black finish steel frame, the user receives enhanced support and stability (even after continuous usages), the eyelet woven sides also give some movement to the fabric which creates improved comfort. Available in a variety of colours and designs. It’s worth every saved up penny.

Oh we almost forgot… it also comes pre-assembled so no need to follow any Ikea looking instructions that instantly makes you regret your purchase… woohoo!

Next up… Let us introduce to you the Perch. The Perch is the best lightweight camping chair, ideal for being on the road with the family. A little wider in comparison to our other foldable chairs which gives you more room to get cosy. Don’t let the size fool you… Perch is sturdy, well made and extremely comfortable. Plus, great value for money! We would recommend the perch for day trips as well as adventures away from home. Easy to unfold and put away again which is great if you’re travelling with young kids’ who can’t wait to get the fire started. The small compact design makes it super handy to carry in a large carrier bag or even under the buggy if you’re leaving the camp site to explore further.

Saving the best until last… well, not the best, just the coolest inflatable lounger that you’ve ever laid eyes on. It ticks all of our boxes in terms of comfort.

This one will be a hit with the adults as well as the kids’ – the air bed lounger is easy to inflate with just a few moments to capture some air and et voilà, it’s full within seconds – no pump required! Fuss free.