Best Cooking Gear when Camping

When camping you want to feel like your home away from home. To us, that’s having wholesome family meals around the campfire. To cook, you’ll need some nifty cooking gear to help you do so. We will give a rundown of our best recommended camping cooking sets and camping cooking utensils. You can’t live off s’mores and soda (even though you may want to) – you need some substantial meals to keep you energized for the outdoor activities you have planned throughout the day.

The Top 10 Basics

  1. The Stove
  2. Fuel for the stove
  3. The cooking utensils (including a cutting board)
  4. Waterproof lighters
  5. Cookware
  6. Collapsible water containers from Trespass
  7. Camping kettle – for the tea lovers
  8. Oven gloves/hot pad
  9. Food containers – preferably collapsible ones from Trespass
  10. Washing up kit (soap, brush or sponge)/ Bin bags

Best Camping Cooking Set

Our non-stick cooking pots and pans are the perfect set to take along with you on a camping trip. With the ability to fold flat pots and stack together, you’ll able to fit them in your car or your supplied bag with ease. Featuring a large cooking pot with lid and a frying pan, you can put together a big pot of homemade soup for lunches and have fry ups in the morning. Just like home. Non-stick for easy washing, the Reheat camp cooking set is for the inner cook within you, for campers who like to work a little culinary magic around the campfire.

Camping Cooking Utensils

The multi-tool features 6 functions including a fork, knife, spatula, basting brush/bottle opener, spoon and corkscrew. All the tools you’ll need to get by. Foldable and lightweight for aluminium tools, the dimensions when closed is 110mm x 28mm x 18mm. The multi-tool is an absolute essential, your best friend and sous chef all-in-one.

Lock and Clip Cutlery Set

If you camp regularly, you’ll know that having loose cutlery is an absolute nuisance. You lose them in the bottom of your bag and can never find the matching pair. We don’t want that… be organised this time round with our lock and clip cutlery set which features a knife and fork as well as a spoon. This interlocking system is perfect for streamlining your bag and are easy to separate then re-fasten.

Top Trespass Tip – we would recommend buying one set for every member of the family.

Plates, Bowls & Mugs

The must-haves for camping trips, to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner off of. The Davo plate allows you to enjoy your food even when you may be lost within the wilderness. Lightweight and durable with an enamel coating, the Davo is food safe and is easily washed and put away.

The enamel coating also gives it the ability to hold both hot and cold meals and we love the added Trespass logo ‘go further’. It’s a positive message for the kids’ when they’ve finished their breakfast in the morning to make them excited for the day ahead outdoors.

Unsure of what to cook when you’re in the outdoors?

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