Camping Guide and Glossary

Everything you need in one place. Introducing: the ultimate guide to camping with Trespass.


Tent – The type of tent you bring mainly depends on how many people it needs to sleep. A 2-person tent will fit two, but might not necessarily allow both people a comfortable sleep. If you have additional storage capacity in your means of transportation – such as a car – you can take a more spacious tent. Pack a ground sheet if your tent doesn’t have one (ours do), and bring tent pegs and a mallet too.

Sleeping Bag – Your sleeping bag should be chosen based on the season you’re camping in to allow for a comfortable nights rest dependent on weather. You can even add a liner for extra comfort. Check out our sleeping bag guide for an in-depth look at what needs to be taken into consideration.

Camping Mat – These can range from foam roll to self-inflating mats, and provide warmth, comfort and insulation to help you sleep soundly.

Air or Camp Beds – You can also opt for a more comfortable sleep with an inflatable mattress or camp bed. Bear in mind these are heavier and the mattress will require a pump to be inflated.

Travel Pillow – An optional choice for extra comfort. Many people will simply opt for rolled-up clothing instead to save space.

Camping Furniture – If you want to sit out and watch the stars, try our moon chair for camping. A collapsible table also takes the hassle out of dinner.

Camping Lighting – Essential for any nights spent reading or on the toilet… or both. Bring along a torch, a head torch and a lantern for a touch of ambience.


Stove – If you have a car, you don’t have to be stingy with space and can opt for a collapsible barbecue, or if you have a camp stove, it’s perfect too.

Fuel/ Gas – Make sure you have plenty of fuel for your chosen cooking system so you don’t get stuck with food you can’t cook.

Matches/ Lighter/ Fire-starter – Your barbecue will be for nothing if you have no way to light it. Fire-starting materials should be kept safe and in a waterproof container.

Pots/ Pans – Depending on your stove, this could be a simple mess tin or you can bring along a nesting set for a range of meals.

Plates/ Cups/ Bowls – These can be bought in set, perfect for keeping them compact. Make sure they are made from plastic or metal so they don’t get damaged.

Can Opener – This is definitely not to be forgotten or you’ll spend the whole weekend taunted by that tin of ravioli.

Utensils – Spatula, whisk, wooden spoon, chopping board and whatever else you might need. Try to think in terms of what you’ll require to eat the food you’re taking.

Cutlery – You can bring some lightweight plastic sets or if you’re going lightweight you can choose a stacking set.

Tea/Coffee Maker – A camp kettle is great and you can also get lightweight coffeemakers for using outdoors.

Bucket – This can double as a sink, and can be used for transporting dirty dishes or storing food waste.

Cooler – Perfect for storing fresh foods. Fill one up with ice and you can bring a much wider selection of food. It’s great for cooling drinks, as well.

Dish Towel and Sponge – Handy for clearing up at the end of a meal, and keep your utensils fresh for the next day.

Soap – Try and bring biodegradable soap that won’t adversely affect the area when you pour out dirty water.

Bin Bags – Don’t dump your waste where it can both attract wildlife and also be unsightly. Store it in waste bags or even a waste bucket, and dispose of at your earliest convenient.

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First Aid Kit – Your first aid kit should be well-stocked with all essential items, and make sure you bring along enough of any personal medications and prescriptions.

Toothbrush/ Toothpaste – Even if you’re packing light, oral care is essential and doesn’t take up much room. You can even get travel toothbrush sets for those lacking in space.

Soap and Shampoo – All you need for camp showers… maybe some flip-flops, too.

Toilet Paper – Essential for toilet stops and handy for cleaning up.

Sunscreen and Lip Balm – Essential for keeping you safe in the sun.

Wash Bag – Bring along anything else you might need like deodorant, a hairbrush, a razor and other items you can’t go without.

Insect Repellent and Mosquito head net– Keep those gnats from nibbling, especially if you’re camping near water.

Hand Sanitiser – An easy way to stay clean on the go and prevent germs from spreading.


Daysack or backpack – If you’re planning on a day trip while camping, you’ll want to bring a stocked day pack. See our day hiking checklist for a guide.

Walking Shoes – They’re great for stomping around in a muddy field and have more grip and waterproofing that your regular trainers. Shop our ladies walking shoes and men’s walking shoes.

Merino Wool Socks – the best socks for keeping your feet dry and warm, and they last for days without washing.

Multi-tool – Helpful for any quick fixes over your stay.

Maps, a Compass and Guidebooks – Great if you’re venturing in unfamiliar territory, especially if your phone battery could die at any moment.

Radio/Speakers – Getting a bit of music to accompany a relaxing day is great.

Binoculars – Another exploring essential.

Camera – Great for capturing your weekend and making those memories last. Remember to bring a case so it stays safe.

Reading Materials – Magazines, books, etc. An e-reader offers lots of choice, but if you’re a traditionalist, a paperback is fine.

Note/Sketch Pad and Supplies – If you’re struck by inspiration and want to put pen to paper.

Games – Either sports games, board games or fun activities – these are great for both kids and adults.

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Written by: Natalie Green