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Choosing the Best Waterproof Trousers Guide

Waterproof trousers have been designed to keep you dry and warm and are invaluable in cold rainy weather conditions yet they are sometimes overlooked once you have bought your new waterproof jacket and boots. They come in a variety of styles and colours and all have the same purpose depending on your outdoor activity. From super lightweight to zip off legs to hard-wearing trousers that are developed with technical materials for problematic weather conditions. With versatility in mind, waterproof trousers can be used for various activities including walking, hiking, climbing and fishing.

What do you need to look for in a pair of walking trousers?

  1. Fit – The fit is important as when you’re active, being comfortable is key. Most brands tend to size up so that you’re able to layer the trousers over base layers, leggings or existing trousers.
  2. Zip Off Walking Trousers (knee or ankle zips) – Strategically placed zips help with ventilation in warmer weather conditions and can be zipped back up for when the weather gets a little cooler. Top Trespass Tip – unzip your ankles so that your boots fit underneath when you’re putting them on.
  3. Adjustable waistband – An adjustable waistband helps you to find the perfect fit. It lessens the probability of your trousers falling down or causing you problems on-the-go. It also gives you freedom of movement at the hips if you are hiking or climbing.
  4. Elasticated ankle hem – being able to tighten your ankle hem would be beneficial in torrential rain or storms.
  5. Fabric – The fabric used is dependent on the user intent. The trousers should be water-resistant, breathable and windproof with taped seams. Some of our Trespass waterproof trousers have articulated knee darts, zipped side vents and reinforced ankle patches. Tres-Shield® is also a material developed by Trespass which is ideal for bad weather situations. Waterproof and windproof with taped seams, this performance fabric is used to produce a range of great value outerwear. Supple and durable, functional coatings and surface treatments help repel water and wind keeping you comfortable and dry. Breathability is a biggie, allowing them to deal with moisture, sweat and heat and ensure you stay cool and comfortable. Walking trousers can also be treated with sun protection technology and bug repellent material which repels biting insects to prevent itching and soreness. Definitely a winner from us!
  6. Weight – We have waterproof trousers from thin lightweight walking trousers that are easily packed away to thick softshell for longer hikes and climbs in troublesome conditions.

Why waterproof walking trousers?

Waterproof walking trousers provide you with the protection that you need for when you’re out and about in the great outdoors. Everyday fabrics provide little movement and stretch and can cause discomfort, chaffing and can even irritate your skin. As we all know, “just a quick walk” in jeans is not a good idea, we’ve all been there… You need to be well equipped whether it’s for a short period of time or long distance.

Best waterproof trousers for walking

Unisex Packaway Waterproof Trousers


Waterproof: 3000mm | Breathable: 3000mm Waterproof | Taped Seams

Corvo Men’s Waterproof Trousers


Waterproof: 5000mm | Breathability: 5000mm | Side Ankle Waterproof Zips

Best waterproof trousers for dog walking

Carbondale Men’s Waterproof Trousers


Waterproof: 3000mm

Best waterproof trousers for hill walking

Canyon Men’s DLX Walking Trousers


Water Resistant DWR | DLX Stretch | Quick Drying | Concealed Waist Slider | Anchored Hem Adjusters

Hemic Men’s Water Resistant Softshell Trousers


4 Zip Pockets | Side Waist Adjusters | Articulated Knee Darts

Sola Women’s DLX Softshell Walking Trousers


Water Resistant: 10000mm | Breathable: 5000mvp | Windproof | 3 Welded Waterproof Zip Pockets | Articulated Knee Darts | Zipped Side Vent

Best waterproof trousers for kids’

Echo Kids’ Waterproof Trousers


Waterproof: 2000mm | Windproof | Taped Seams | 2 Zip Pockets | Full Elastic Waist

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