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Keeping Dogs Calm on Fireworks Night

Fireworks and dogs don’t mix, so we’ve put together our top canine-calming tips to keep your Guy Fawke’s night yelp-free.

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As all dog mummies and daddies know, most dogs hate fireworks. But never fear, Expert Advice is here once again to impart some knowledge on how to keep your dogs calm and stress-free this Bonfire Night.

  1. Calming music. This blocks out unwanted bangs and unnecessarily loud and scary noises from outside the cosy confines of your home. The Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (aka, the SPCA, who we now work alongside) even released a relaxing album, ‘Paws, Play, Relax’, proven to lower dogs’ heart rates and help calm them down.
  2. Speaking of music, white noise has also been proven to show a calming effect on canines. This is a great last-minute option, as many white noise clips can be found readily available on YouTube.
  3. Tire them out with plenty of exercises through the day before the fireworks start, as it will be even more distressing for them to be outside once the fireworks begin. This may even help them fall asleep faster when the commotion does commence.
  4. Close all windows and curtains to help muffle the noise and reduce the impact of bright flashing lights. We suggest turning the TV up a little, too.
  5. Give your dog something fun to do and keep them occupied. You could treat them to a new dog toy, sit with them while watching telly, or you could even take the time to give them their bi-monthly bath or other puppy pamper treatments to help them feel safe, comfortable and loved.

As fireworks night fast approaches, don’t fret – embrace it. Who knows, given time your dog may grow to like it – even if you don’t!

Read on for more top tips from the RSPCA, or head to The Kennel Club and Dog Trust websites for other handy suggestions.