5 Active Weekend Hobbies on a Budget

It’s finally Friday, the sun is shining and you’re ready to drop work for the weekend and do something exciting… And then you realise that the only plans you have, involve watching TV and doing housework.

Don’t worry! We’ve all been there. In order to make a change, we’re encouraging everyone to take up a new weekend hobby, which will get them out of the house, feeling energised and most importantly, doing something just for them.

If you’re feeling a little stuck for inspiration, don’t settle for collecting stamps or antique teapots. Instead, why not check out some of our ideas for cheap, fun and active things to do this weekend?

Partaking in light exercise for just 30 minutes per week can dramatically improve your health and wellbeing. The NHS recommends that adults include 150 minutes of exercise as part of their weekly routine, so these active hobbies will go a long way towards reaching that goal. Check out our top 5 weekend active hobbies below!

Indoor Rock Climbing

If you want a high energy workout, which is also super fun, then rock climbing is for you. There are many indoor rock climbing centres across the country, which cater for all abilities, so you can find a cheap indoor activity near you easily. Rock climbing will provide for both an intense cardio and muscle workout, so it’s a great activity for getting fit a. You can even take your kids with you, with many climbing centres providing specific lessons for younger learners. Indoor rock climbing is also incredibly safe and secure (compared to outdoor climbing) as you are surrounded by experienced instructors who will set you up in a harness and guide you through the process. It’s an amazing feeling to reach the top of the wall and look back down at how far you’ve come!


Yoga is a full mind and body workout. Practised by fitness lovers the world over, yoga improves your balance, muscles strength, posture, stress levels, cardio fitness levels and even your immune system, to name but just a few. If you decide to take up yoga as one of your new active hobbies, then start off by attending a local class. You will find them in all large sports centres, with both men and women attending. Once you have nailed the basic techniques and learned the proper breathing method, you can practice yoga anywhere, at anytime. Yoga is also a great activity for getting friends together. Invite your friends to join you at a local class, then head for a chai tea together afterwards.

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You only need to look at Chris Hoy’s legs to realise just how amazing cycling is for your body. Think back to when you were a child and you would ride on your bike for hours after school. Why did you ever stop? Cycling is exhilarating, fun and a fantastic full-body workout. If you have young children, why not make this an active hobby that you can do together? If you’re planning on cycling to work and put in those extra miles, the UK has a fantastic National Cycle Network. Plus, you can even get a new bike for less on the government’s Cycle to Work Scheme.

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Unsurprisingly, we at Trespass are huge fans of hiking, especially being located in Scotland, where there are so many amazing hiking opportunities. If you live in the city, you won’t have to travel far to find a suitable hiking route. If you haven’t been hiking before, make sure that you have the right clothing and equipment before you go. It can be very dangerous to get caught halfway up a mountain without the right clothing, especially when the weather is unpredictable. Lots of people spend their weekend hiking as you get to lots of fresh air, plenty of exercise and a real feeling of achievement when you make it to the top of the mountain. Our number one tip for hiking is: start off small and work your way up to bigger goals.


Did you know that you can burn more than 400 calories, during 30 minutes of gentle swimming? If you are looking to boost your active hobbies and lose a little weight in the process, swimming is an excellent choice. Swimming is also particularly good for people who have joint pain, as it takes the pressure and weight away from the area while you exercise. If you don’t fancy swimming lengths or joining a club to compete in swim meets, then take your kids along to the local pool for fun and cheap indoor activities for all the family.

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