Duffle Bags for Your Next Holiday

You have just booked a mini-break with your other half or friends and are wondering whether it’s suitable to take a suitcase with you. For three days… Come on, be realistic here. You don’t want to over pack and you certainly don’t want to be lugging a suitcase around if you’re on and off public transport. A duffle bag is the perfect weekender for a staycation or city break. The size fits all of your daily essentials, all of your well-planned outfits and you should even be able to hide a few pairs of shoes down the sides.

What is a Duffle Bag?

A duffle or duffel (depending on where you’re from) is designed to protect all of your belongings when travelling. Perfect for the ‘on-the-go traveller’ as it’s easy to pack, move around with and has a durable exterior. Duffle bags are also accepted on planes as holdalls if they fit the stated airline dimensions.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to pack
  • Durable exterior
  • Flexible
  • Spacious
  • On-trend/fashionable
  • Uncomfortable to carry long distances
  • Difficult to keep organised
  • Security – no built in padlocks.

Trespass’ versatile duffle bags feature convenient pockets and compartments for important essentials. With eye-catching modern designs in a variety of shapes and sizes, our duffle bags are suitable for carrying your kit to daily sporting activities or weekend getaways. They can be held by hand or slung over your shoulder to distribute the weight, making it more comfortable.

How to Pack a Duffle Bag

  1. Open your bag as wide as you can, folding back the edges.
  2. Start packing the items that you won’t need until later down the holiday (you wouldn’t want to mess up your neat packing by taking something out from the bottom in a rush, yip, we’ve all been there – learn from your mistakes)
  3. Fold or roll your clothes.
  4. When you’re getting near the top, shake the bag a little. This will help with creating more space.
  5. Secure the bag. We would recommend purchasing a small padlock for security purposes.

Top Trespass Tip – Rolling your clothes is the new folding your clothes. It will create more space for other items. Marie Kondo will tell you the same.

Travel Duffle Bag

Travel Duffle Bag £45.99

Blackfriar 40

Blackfriar 40 – 40L Water Resistant Duffle Bag £29.99
  • 40L duffle bag suitable for use as a cabin bag or hand luggage for aeroplanes.
  • Expertly crafted from waterproof material to protect your pack’s contents.
  • 2 separate zipped compartments – 1 outer and 1 inner – to keep your belongings organised.
  • Daisy-chain storage options for securing carabiner clips, walking poles and other essentials at the sides.
  • Grab handle at the top for support when lifting.
  • Decorated with contrasting white logo stamps at the sides and strap.

Blackfriar 60

Blackfriar 60 – 60L Waterproof Duffle Bag £42.99
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • 60L Capacity
  • Carry Handles
  • Shoulder Strap
  • 2x Shoe Compartments
  • Mesh Inside Pocket
  • Address Label