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What is Softshell?

Softshell clothing is somewhat of an all-rounder. A new take on classic hard shell outerwear, the material offers a more flexible experience that makes it ideal for sports, active wear, golfing and even your every day.

The ideal choice when seeking a versatile layer that can either be worn in place of a heavier waterproof or as an extra layer underneath your preferred outer layer in more extreme conditions.

What is Softshell Fabric Made From?

Softshell is made from woven fabric, making it a warm layer that brings comfort without the restriction or limitations of other materials.

Is Softshell Fabric Waterproof?

Softshell is ideally suited to dry-ish weather. In other words, softshell will keep you comfortable in a light rain but is not made for heavy rainfall or storms. It is more water resistant than waterproof as it offers more protection than a fleece but not as much as a ski jacket.

Are Softshell Jackets Warm?

As softshell is made from woven fabric, it does provide considerable warmth while being super breathable to prevent you from overheating when being active. Softshell jackets have the advantage of being windproof in their structure, which also helps to keep the chill out and keep you warm.

How to Clean Softshell Garments

Your soft shell jacket can be washed in the washing machine at a medium temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to use a non-biological detergent without a fabric softener (or at least too much fabric softener), and to avoid tumble drying, dry cleaning and bleaching.

Softshell vs. Hard Shell

Designed with breathability in mind, a softshell jacket offers more comfort than a traditional hard shell jacket and the softer material makes it much more moveable. The material is nowhere near as rigid and also creases less, almost like a hoodie, and doesn’t rustle.

A favourite pick for runners, cyclists, climbers and more who need an extra range of movement and moisture control inside their clothing, the softshell is an excellent choice for any wardrobe.

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