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What is Softshell?

While softshell jackets and clothing have been around for some time, many people are unaware of the benefits of softshell fabric. Lightweight and flexible, the softer material is a warm layer that brings comfort without restriction, making it perfect for activities like walking or sports including golfing.

Softshell is made from woven fabric and is ideally suited to dry weather or light rain when you’re wanting something thicker than a fleece, although they are still considerably waterproof for when it does get wet.

Designed with breathability in mind, a softshell jacket offers more comfort than a traditional hardshell waterproof and the softer material makes it much more moveable. The jackets are not as rigid and so they crease less – almost like a hoodie – and don’t rustle.

The sleek jackets have a more elegant look about them, meaning they are appropriate for the golf course and can make jogging attire seem more chic than usual. They move very well and so don’t interfere with swinging during golf, and are certifiably windproof to keep you as cosy as possible when the wind gets vicious.

The impressive flexibility of softshell material makes our softshell jackets suitable for jogging as they are super mobile and you won’t feel bulky or weighed down as you might when wearing a traditional waterproof.

It’s the ideal choice when seeking a versatile layer that can either be worn in place of a heavier waterproof or as an extra layer underneath your preferred jacket.

A favourite pick for runners, cyclists, climbers and more who need an extra range of movement and moisture control inside their clothing, the softshell is an excellent choice for any wardrobe.

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