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What is Softshell?

While softshell jackets and clothing have been around for some time, many people are unaware of the benefits of softshell fabric. When added to your wardrobe for walking, fitness or simply your day-to-day routine, a softshell jacket can provide a lightweight layer that offers several benefits to balance waterproof jackets and fleeces.

Softshell is made from woven fabric and is ideally suited to mild days when rain is either mild or not a problem, but you want something more than a fleece. Designed with breathability in mind, a softshell jacket offers more comfort than a traditional hardshell waterproof and the material is much softer and flexible too. They can be worn over a base layer or even as an alternative mid-layer to fleece.

Softshells don’t offer the same water defence as hardshells as the nature of the material make it difficult to fit them with taped seams. Despite this, however, a softshell jacket will be a worthy ally for mild conditions and they are windproof by design.

Wear your softshell clothing for active pursuits when you want high breathability and flexibility. They are a favourite choice for runners, cyclists, climbers and others who need an extra range of movement and moisture control inside their clothing.

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