What Food to Take to a Festival


The excitement of festivals can sometimes fog your planning head, leaving you with a rucksack of 16 outfits and a travel pillow for a 3-day trip.

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever forget your camping essentials but one thing that many can overlook or leave to the last minute is one of the most important: the food.

A lot of camping festivals no longer allow you to barbecue – less stuff to carry! – or start fires but, of course, do still allow you to bring food in. For some reason many have struggled with this and are left figuratively blind about what foods to take for meal and snack times.

There is no need to live on crisps and biscuits, though, as it will simply leave you spending a fortune at the various burger vans throughout the campsite over your few days away.

What Can I Eat Without Cooking?

Even without the ability to barbecue or cook with a pan and camp stove, there are plenty of hearty options you can take up so you don’t go hungry.

Cold Food

First up, you’ll want to get yourself a cool bag.

This will keep sandwiches chilled and fresh in the heat, as well as other chilled snacks that you’d usually keep in the fridge at home. As for other cold food to take to a festival, bring:

• Sandwiches – probably best to eat on the first day or two depending on the filling
• Pasta salads
• Overnight oats (a breakfast that’ll set you up for the day ahead!)
• Chicken/Vegetarian satay sticks or skewers
• Cocktail sausages
• Wraps
• Pork Pies
• Sausage Rolls

Hot Food

There is one way around the No Barbecue or Open Flame or Campfire rule of many British festivals, and that is the timeless vacuum flask.

Fancy a nice soup for your lunch or the first dinner? Take a vacuum flask or soup and some bread to have with it, and that’ll be one nutritious dinner out of the way before you have to move on to the cold foods or buying your dinners from the van, if that’s your system.


When it comes to snacks it might be wise to avoid big bars of Galaxy or Dairy Milk as these will probably melt in your bag, especially if it’s sunny.

You’re essentially on your holidays so leave the diet at home for a few days and treat yourself but be sure to keep your protein levels up to give you the energy your nights require.

• Energy / protein bars
• Crisps (never underestimate a wrap and crisps)
• Biscuits
• Muffins, if you want to be fancy
• Popcorn
• Cookies

Stay Hydrated

Liquids are just as important as food, so while you’re preparing your food for the few days, make sure that you take plenty of bottled water and some sugary or fruit juices also to kick you a much-needed energy kick after a sleepless or wild night.

Most of all, have fun!

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