Our festival features explore all the excitement and preparation caused by festival season fever. We break down the different components of the festival experience to bring you advice that will minimise the hassles associated with camping, survival and safety at festivals.

Getting ready for a festival can be a stressful process with so many things to consider, and our aim is to remind you of the key points to remember when packing for a magical, fun-filled weekend away so you don’t have to worry about anything while you’re there – except for having as much of a great time as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at some of the festival questions that we’re asked on a regular basis.

What essentials should I take to a festival?

You’ll need more than just a tent and your wellies this festival season, check out our guide here.

What are your tips to surviving a festival?

Whether you’re a festival veteran or complete newbie you can learn a thing or two by checking out our festival survival guide.

What food should I take to a festival?

Fancy yourself a culinary master? There are lots of great food options you can bring to festivals, take a look at our guide here.