Fitness is the crucial state of being underlying outdoor sports and recreation. Being fit is the fundamental building block to an outdoors life lived to the full. Keeping healthy through regular exercise is of paramount importance to be able to move on to more intensive and demanding physical activities like skiing, snowboarding or mountain-climbing.

Our guides to navigating your fitness goals and reaching them will set you on the right way to achieving the fitness levels you’ve always wanted without any fuss. Clear and simple to understand, our fitness guides are a favourite and provide a solid foundation from where you can extend your outdoor interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at some of the fitness questions that we’re asked on a regular basis.

How do I stay hydrated while exercising?

Dehydration can be dangerous, especially when exercising over long periods, check out our guide to keeping hydrated.

What are the benefits of running?

Running not only benefits you physically, it helps your mental wellbeing too, see our beginner’s guide here.

Is it better to exercise in the mornings or at night?

Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, exercising at different times of the day has differing benefits, see our guide here.