Best Foods to Take to a Festival

The lead-up to the festival is often just as exciting as the trip will be itself. But this can detract from proper planning. While it’s unlikely that you’ll forget the essentials such as your tent or waterproofs, one thing that is often overlooked or left to the last minute is one of the most important – food.

Many camping festivals no longer allow you to barbecue or start fires, but will still allow for food brought in. Although an essential part of everyday life, some still struggle with remembering that they will need to eat, and are left figuratively blind about what foods to take for meals and snacks.

Crisps and biscuits are not a sensible solution unless you really want to be spending a fortune (and a heck of a lot of time in the queue) at the various food vans the festival will offer. Luckily, we’ve faced the problem for you and have prepared a delicious selection of tasty treat ideas to keep those stomachs as full as your jam-packed festival venture will be.

What Can I Eat Without Cooking?

Even without the ability to barbecue or cook with a pan and camp stove, there are plenty of hearty options you can take to stop yourself going hungry.

Cold food – First of all, you’ll want to invest in a cool bag. This will keep sandwiches fresh and chilled in the heat, as well as any other snacks that you would usually keep in the fridge. We suggest taking a look at your local supermarket’s picnic selection.

  • Cold food appropriate for festivals includes:
    • Sandwiches (to be eaten within the first couple of days)
    • Pasta salads
    • Overnight oats (a filling breakfast to set you up for the day ahead)
    • Chicken or Vegetarian skewers
    • Cocktail sausages
    • Pork pies
    • Sausage rolls

Hot food – One way around those ‘No Barbecues or Campfires’ rules of many British festivals is the timeless thermal flask. If you fancy a nice hot lunch or dinner on the first day, bring a vacuum flask filled with a soup of your choice along with some bread, and that’s one nutritious meal out of the way before you have to start on the cold stuff.

Snacks – A festival is essentially a holiday, so when it comes to snacks, leave the diet at home for a few days and treat yourself. That being said, it might be wise to avoid chocolate, as this tends to melt pretty quickly in sunny weather, and be sure to keep your protein levels up to get the energy you need for partying into the early hours.

  • Snacks appropriate for camping and festivals include:
    • Energy or protein bars
    • Popcorn
    • Muffins (for the fancy festival-goer)
    • Crisps
    • Biscuits (avoiding chocolate ones unless you want to be a sticky mess)

Keeping Hydrated

Liquids are just as important as food. While you’re preparing some meals and snacks for the festival, keep in mind to pack a full water bottle that can be re-filled inside and take some sugary drinks for a much-needed energy boost after a sleepless or wild night.

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Written by: Natalie Green