Half Marathon: Your Half Marathon Checklist

Planning for a half marathon? Let us help you with your checklist. If this is your first, please have a read at our ‘How to Train for Your First Marathon’ blog >>>

Top 18 must-haves

  1. Activewear ☐ – Half marathon running gear is so important, getting the right running singlet and shorts/leggings is a must. We would recommend trying on your marathon gear before the big day to ensure no wardrobe malfunctions. You don’t want anything to hold you back so make sure you do it!
  2. Running shoes
  3. Running hydration pack
  4. Running jacket ☐ – We would recommend packing a lightweight waterproof.
  5. Sunglasses/Running hat ☐ – Sun glare can be dangerous when you’re running for a long period of time. It can cause eye and skin damage so you’re better off being safe rather than sorry!
  6. Water bottle ☐ – To rehydrate.
  7. Food for fuel ☐ – We would recommend bananas, white bread honey sandwich or energy gels to keep you going.
  8. Headphones ☐ – For zoning out.
  9. Mobile Phone ☐ – Your phone isn’t for taking selfies or Instagram stories while you run, it’s for your safety and emergencies.
  10. Suncream
  11. Headband
  12. Race bib
  13. Plasters
  14. Safety pins ☐ – Be prepared for the unprepared, always.
  15. Flip flops ☐ – Flip flops are needed for after your race, they’ll let your feet breathe and it’ll prevent further blistering.
  16. Anti-chafe balm ☐ – Your activewear can stop you from chaffing as it should be seamless and moisture-wicking. However, having anti-chafe balm to hand can be beneficial on the day.
  17. Podcast/Playlists ☐ – Podcasts or playlists can push you to be more consistent with your runs, by putting on your headphones you are also cancelling out your surroundings. Provisional vision takes a back seat, it’s all about looking forward and in turn, seeing the finishing line.
  18. Support system ☐ – Something as simple as having a great support system for the days running up to the race where you’re demotivated, tired or in pain. You could have a support system at home as well as having a group of runners in a similar position to you, whether it’s digitally through a Facebook group or a local group you train physically with.

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