How to Reproof Your Jacket

If you have a favourite waterproof jacket and you find that rainwater is not beading on the surface like it used to, but is saturating the material instead, it might be high time to reproof it. First of all, you should wash your jacket as it may simply be dirty (you can see our washing guide here), but if it still fails to repel moisture, it’s a definite truth that you need to resort to reproofing.


Wash-In Method


Once your jacket has been cleaned, you should clean out your washing machine’s detergent tray. This is a similar step for washing, but you’ll want to clear out any remnants of your washing product.

Get yourself some wash-in waterproofer, we have some in our cleaning and proofing range.  Follow the instructions for volume and temperature settings before setting the washer.


Let the cycle run with the waterproofer, and once completed, allow the cycle to repeat and dry out the jacket. Waterproofing liquids activate with heat so if your product allows you to tumble dry or wash at 40°C, the heat will help activate the coating.

Once finished, you can hang the jacket to dry out or if you use a tumble dryer, you will be good to go. Test run the new coating when you get the chance and if the process worked correctly, you’ll find water once again beads on the surface.


Spray Method

Alternatively, we have a reproofing spray you can use instead. Follow the instructions on the bottle closely and give the jacket an even spray from roughly 20cm away, making sure not to miss any areas. Leave the jacket to dry out thoroughly before trying it out again.

You can repeat this process several times throughout your jacket’s lifespan, effectively extending its range of use. Eventually however, the jacket won’t be receptive to this treatment. At this point, your only course of action will be finding a replacement.

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