How to Stay Motivated for Summer Workouts

The summer months may be the best time of year for some. The sun is shining and the desire for going out more often and dismissing the everyday routine may seem manageable yet most of us tend to struggle juggling both social life and exercise during prime summer. Getting motivated to work out normally is tough – we know that. The urge to hit the snooze button is oh so real and the truth is, you won’t feel the same about working out every day. It’s totally acceptable to miss out a few training sessions here and there but not sticking to a routine in summer’s hectic schedule can become difficult to the point where you no longer feel motivated to get back into it. Make sure you plan ahead and set yourself goals this summer. For some top tips on how to get motivated to work out during summer read on.

  1. Plan
  2. Write down your goals
  3. Get the right gear
  4. Start slow
  5. Work to your own schedule
  6. A friend or buddy system
  7. Playlists or podcasts
  8. Tailor workouts to fit your mood
  9. Have breaks
  10. Make it FUN! (and reward yourself)

1. Plan/Goals

First things first, make sure you plan ahead. Write down your goals either on your phone or by hand on a piece of paper. We would recommend physically writing down your goals as writing things down enables a higher level of thinking and leads to a more focused action. According to psychology professor Dr Gail Matthews, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. So – get writing! As well as writing your goals down we would put sticky notes up on the fridge (or where you would see them regularly) with motivational quotes. Something along the lines of:

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.” – Carol Burnett

“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” – Sam Levenson

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Yes, it may seem a bit cliché but motivational quotes really do work. If you’re seeing them every day, it provides you with a quick burst of wisdom to get your focus back especially when it comes to working out. You may want to switch these up every week so that you’re inspired to push forward. When planning out your goals for the week we would be realistic and when each week passes, we would make it more challenging.

2. Get the Right Gear

It’s important to make sure you are properly kitted out for your chosen activity. Take a look at our exercise clothing guide to get a sense of the kinds of materials and clothing you want to be wearing while you work out. Similarly, you want to have the right trainers for running and effective layering to deal with the weather conditions. Other than that it’s handy to have a watch to track your timing and a phone loaded with music or podcasts is great to keep you focused.

3. Start Slow

You may be eager to get started but if you throw yourself into heavy workouts too fast, you may do yourself more harm than good. Start off with a basic plan and build on that. Whether it’s running, weights, cycling or anything else, you should start off with shorter stretches and lower resistance/weight/speed. You’ll soon find a natural point where you feel comfortable and from there you can build up to harder workouts over longer periods of time.

4. Work to Your Own Schedule

You’ll see many people who make it to the gym every day of the week, but in reality, this is impractical for most people. Aim to fit in two or three workouts a week at first and then push to fit in more when you can. Try heading to the gym after work or when you have a free hour. There’s no sense in changing your whole schedule when you’ll likely find you already have time to slot in a workout throughout the day.

5. A Friend or Buddy System

A friend or buddy system is another motivator. If you have someone else to motivate you and vice versa that’s a win! Your friend doesn’t have to be exercising with you to the extent that you’re doing the same moves or exercises. They can be within the same environment to tell you that you’re doing a great job or that you’re doing something incorrect in terms of body form preventing you from impending injuries and generally improving the efficiency of your overall workout. Finding a partner in crime also incentivises gym memberships meaning that it’ll be a lot cheaper for the both of you in the long run. You can also carpool together and go halves on gym equipment. *A kind reminder to make sure you give the equipment a good wipe with antibacterial spray before changing over.

Having a buddy will also give you some new ideas and friendly competition where neither of you will want to fall behind. Generally if you’re with your friend you can get a good balance of training and one-to-one chat meaning that you’ll enjoy yourself more.

6. Playlists or Podcasts

Now that you have your goals written down and your buddy found you can start to source some good workout playlists or podcasts. When you’re exercising it’s good to work to a beat as it keeps you on time with your movements. Spotify has various playlists suited for different activities from high intensity cardio to yoga as well as cool down. The premixed tracks will help you power through the hardest of workouts. We would recommend the following:

  1. HIIT workout
  2. Motivation mix
  3. Crossfit mix
  4. Power hour
  5. Hip-hop yoga
  6. Epic workout
  7. Throwback workout
  8. Cool Down

If you get distracted from music we would recommend a podcast where you can focus. There’s loads of different podcasts you can choose from depending on what genre you’re interested in but when you’re working out it is recommended that you choose something that changes your mindset overtime and ultimately motivates.

7. Tailor Workouts

You can’t expect to be in the mood for exercising every day. Anything can change your mood from the weather to the way you’re feeling – it’s completely normal. As they say you can’t have a good day every day, there’s going to be good and bad days so delete the guilt. If you miss a session it’s not the end of the world and if you’re worried about what people think about you, don’t worry about it! There’s always going to someone who is fitter, faster and more flexible than you so be the best you can be, for you and only you.

8. Have Breaks

Remember and have breaks! When exercising in the heat your body burns more calories because it has to work harder to cool your body down. The hotter your body gets, the more blood is needed to pump around your body. You need to be careful that you don’t overheat and become dehydrated. This is a biggie during the summer months. If you’re exercising outside we would recommend that you protect yourself with some suncream, a hat and perhaps a hydration pack too, if you are walking or running long distances.


When you exercise, you sweat, and as a result, you can easily become dehydrated if you don’t replenish that moisture. If you’re exercising for less than an hour, you can generally get away with drinking before and after your exercise to maintain hydration. If your exercise is extending to over an hour, you’ll want to have water on you to top yourself up as needed.  This is especially important if you’re pursuing lengthy activities like hiking, distance running or cycling throughout a day. You’ll be surprised at how many people forget this and how much better it can make you feel during your workout. Check out our guide on staying hydrated while exercising.

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9. Have FUN! Be Happy

Lastly, make it fun! You don’t want to dread exercising so find something that you love. Whether it’s circuit training outdoors in your back garden in the sun or if you prefer exercising indoors at the local gym – find your feet by trying both. We would also recommend that you try different gym classes where you’ll be able to test the water with activities that you may have not done before. You can also make it fun by rewarding yourself after exercising. You could do nothing… literally. Sitting with your feet up on the sofa with a good book in hand or enjoying your favourite television show. You could also satisfy your sweet tooth by rewarding yourself as well as your body. This could be anything depending on your diet but it’s key to remember discipline. If you love chocolate digestives we would have a few not a whole packet.