How to Store Skis in the Off Season

The end of ski season is a sad time for ski lovers. Back to reality for those who have moved away for the winter months to bask in the bliss of snowsports before it all comes to an end for another few months.

You will have had your time on the slopes, paid for your overpriced hot chocolate and lost about 2 stone in weight from all of the exercise. Then suddenly, you’re left wondering just what you are possibly going to do with all of your ski kit that you might not be needing for a while. Luckily, we’ve got the answers on the best way to store skis.

Step 1: Cleaning Your Skis

Before storing skis away for a few months, it’s important to clean your skis thoroughly to make sure they’re fresh for the next use. It might seem like a lot of work when you’ve just got home for an exhausting trip on the slopes but you’ll thank your future self when you can simply grab them and go.

To keep skis shiny and new-looking, there are a few things you can do.

First, it’s essential to wax your skis before putting them in off-season storage to prevent rust from appearing. It’s worth bearing in mind that skis should be dried off after every use, paying particular attention to the edges.

The easiest way to do this is by rubbing the edges with a gummy or a fine/medium grit sandpaper – the latter being the cheaper option! Then you should melt a thick coat of wax to the edges, but do not scrape this off until the next season. How to do this? Take a ski wax iron on low heat and press the wax along the iron base a few inches from the ski base, then place wax drops every 2-3 inches apart over one-third of the ski base and iron along smoothly.

Remember, keep the iron moving so you don’t burn the base!

Step 2: Pack Them Away

Now that the skis are all waxed up and ready for hibernation, pack them up together as they came and get them ready for storage.

It’s important when doing this to be cautious of the fresh wax layering, so try to rub as little as possible off. We suggested wearing an old t-shirt or jumper when doing this.

Step 3: Summer Storage

As for where to store your skis over the summer, they should be stored in a dry, temperate place like the spare cupboard or at the back of a wardrobe. If there’s space then you could also put them under a bed. Any of these are more recommended than in the loft or garage, as here they can rust easier and any dampness could impact the performance of the skis if they change the wood core.

And that’s you in three, somewhat easy, steps. Until next season…

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