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Kids’ Rash Vests and Sun Protection

A rash vest (also known as rashie, UV top or Aussie top) is a thin elasticated t-shirt which can either be short or long sleeved. They were originally designed in Australia for surfers to prevent them against rashes caused by abrasion from their surf boards and from sunburn by the extended exposure to the sun. UV rays reflect off both snow and water, increasing the risk of being burnt so when you’re out in the water all day, doing what you love, you should be protected at all times.

Why buy a rash vest?

Sun Protection

The main function of a kids’ rash vest is to protect your little one’s body from the strength of the sun’s UV rays. Children have considerably delicate skin and are more sensitive to burning so we would recommend a rash vest accompanied with a high SPF to keep them and their skin happy. If you’re thinking about holidaying abroad we would make this an essential piece of swimwear for your kiddo, especially in warmer temperatures by the beach.

Wind and Sand Protection

As well as protecting them from the sun, the rash vest is an extra layer of protection from the wind and the sand. You will need to be careful spending time outdoors in the cold, windy air which can leave you with windburn – who knew? You may think that a rash vest should be only worn during the sunniest days on holiday however, the sun’s rays can still penetrate through the clouds when there is overcast and with added high winds, the sand also gets carried through the air which grazes and damages the surface of your skin.

Who can wear a rash vest?

Anyone in the family can wear a rash vest. Toddlers and children to teens and adults. A rash vest is for everyone who spends their time outdoors in the sunshine by the water. A rash vest could be worn on its own over the bare skin or layered under a wetsuit for extra safety and comfort. Available in a variety of sizes and styles.

How should a rash vest fit?

Boys’ rash vests and Girls’ rash vests can be bought in a loose, regular or tight fitting style. We would recommend that a rash vest fits closely to the skin if you are taking part in any water sports so that your clothing doesn’t get in the way of your performance. However, loose or regular fitting vests are perfect for casual days out by the coast.

Jella Kids’ Rash Vest

Keep your kids’ safe from the sun in the Jella kids’ rash vest. The jellyfish printed UV top makes them feel at one with the ocean and boosts protection so that they can enjoy being outside without you having to worry. Available in a cobalt blue and magenta colourway.

Crew Kids’ Rash Guard Swim Top with UV Protection

The Crew kids’ rash guard swim top with UV protection protects them from the harmful rays of the sun with factor 40+ UV ray protection.

This rash guard swim top also protects them against abrasions and uncomfortable chaffing, making it the perfect choice for a day in the sunshine.

Smiley Kids’ Swim Set

Perfect for fun at the beach, the Smiley kids’ 2-piece is designed to protect them from the sun as well as debris whilst in the water. Made with UV protection 40+, the set will prevent any tender sunburn.

Designed with a long sleeve top and 3/4 length trousers, the swimwear features an elastic waist to keep them in place and a half-length zip at the neck for easy dressing. Finished with contrast side panels for a simple highlight, this swimming costume is ideal for getting them into the water this summer.