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Lighting for Camping

Camping lights are essential, especially at dusk when the day turns into night and the wilderness becomes dark and mysterious. We take for granted our electricity and home comforts and don’t take into consideration the ‘extra little bits’ we might need. One of the perks of camping in the great outdoors is sleeping under the stars. Starlight can offer you a beautiful sight as well as a warm glow of light. However, it doesn’t provide much brightness and in reality, having lights will help you in terms of health and safety if you’re up and about around the campsite when the sun has gone down. We would recommend navigating with either a hand held or LED head torch.

Why LED?

LEDs are the most energy-efficient bulbs as they use less heat at a lower cost and provide more light than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. They are also instantly bright when switched on and we’ll even let you in on a secret… LEDs are thought to be a great way to ward off pesky bugs! Generating a minimal amount of heat in comparison to older bulbs means that LEDs are also the safest option.

We have a collection of torches and lanterns in a variety of shapes and sizes. Perfect for camping and outdoor adventures, your home away from home will be assured to be well-lit.

Best Camping Lighting

LED Head Torches

Led head torches are a great accessory to have for an activity where you need your hands to be free. This could consist of the following:

  • Outdoor activities including hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, caving and orienteering
  • If you’re ever pitching a tent in the dark, trust us, you’ll thank us later
  • Cooking in dim light conditions
  • Something as simple as walking the dogs in dim light conditions
125LM Led Head Torch £9.99
3 Led Head Torch £7.99

LED Torches

Handheld torches are an essential not only in the wild but also at home. Power cuts don’t happen often but when they do, you want to be prepared. When camping, they should also be at the top of your ‘To Pack’ list. They’re lightweight, portable and compact as well as being easy to operate with their chunky handles and buttons. When it comes to precision, the handheld torch is the star of the show, the one in the spotlight. Are handheld torches the best camping lights? The answer to that is yes. Well, we think so anyway.

Lightweight LED Torch £3.99
80LM LED Travel Torch £3.99


The OG. The traditional lantern shape was designed in the early 1800s and radiates 360 degrees of light which can illuminate your camp area and tent with ease. Featuring built-in hooks the lanterns are easily hung from the roof of your tent. With design enhancements, you can purchase lanterns that you are able to control with a remote which is useful for when you’re tucked up in your sleeping bag. Some would call it laziness, we would call it innovation. Today, you are still able to buy traditional gas lanterns which offer a brighter, atmospheric natural light and longer burning times however, we would always recommend LED which are safer – saves you having to worry!

8 LED Portable Lantern £14.99
4 LED Portable Lantern £13.99