Where Should I Keep My Passport When Travelling?

Your passport is the one integral item you can’t do without when travelling abroad, and to lose it would be an absolute nightmare, to say the least. Passports are a prime target for pickpockets and undesirables, as they can fetch a high price on resale. This means that it is essential for you to keep yours stored safely at all times.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the safe storage of passports. The first is to keep it on your person at all times, and the other is to keep it securely stored in your hotel or at your accommodation.

However, if you’re backpacking on your gap year, for example, your place of residence will most likely consist of hostels which are far less secure. Many people feel uncomfortable leaving their passport at the desk or reception, and as a general rule, it’s often smart not to hand it over to anyone – you never know who is trustworthy no matter how they appear. If there isn’t a secure place accessible, such as a safe, it’s best to carry it with you. As you’re likely to be moving around a lot, you don’t want the risk of having forgotten to collect it either.

If you are considering keeping it in a pocket, don’t. Pick-pockets are more nimble-fingered than you may think. If there is no other option available and you absolutely have to, keep it in a front pocket where it’s more difficult to reach, or in a zipped compartment that doesn’t offer the same accessibility as an open slip pocket.

Another option for carrying your passport is in a money belt. These have a zipped pocket and can sit concealed under clothes. Endeavour not to dip in and out of it too often, as the whole point of these wallets is for them to stay hidden and accessing one regularly will draw unwanted attention to it and suggest you have something worth hiding.

Something you should consider is bringing along a couple of photocopies of your passport with you. These can often help you out in certain situations where you don’t want to hand over the real thing. If you do lose or have your passport stolen, then these copies might just save your fate at customs and your embassy.

It may seem like there’s no way to win, but if you use your common sense, keep your wits about you and are wary and proactive about your passport’s safety, there should be no trouble at all.

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