11 Ski Essentials

If you’re stepping into the world of skiing for the first time, you may be unsure of what clothing and equipment will make the immersion smoother. If you’re already a seasoned pro, you might still need an update to keep you at the top of your game at all times.

While summer slowly burns away, ski season is beckoning. Come October, skiing slopes across the UK and Europe will be brimming with enthusiasts zigzagging their way through some of the most pulse-racing terrains in the world.

Whatever your background or reasons, skiing is a wave of adrenaline that’s hard to resist and we have everything covered for you so you can live those moments steeped in that special buzz.

Ski Jacket

Ski jackets are probably the single most fundamental accessory to a skiing adventure. Ski jackets keep the core body warm and snug as it slits through the cold air, sleet, wind, rain or snow it may encounter, making it the essential amongst essentials.

Ski Trousers/Pants

Next on our list is ski trousers or ski pants. These go hand-in-hand (or leg-in-leg) with ski jackets in terms of protection and comfort. Ski pants have the important function of maintaining your core body’s warmth and cushioning your swings in the icy ski slopes air, but we’ve also found ways to make them look cool and stylish.

Base Layers

Without a proper foundation, even carefully constructed things collapse. The same goes for base layers underneath ski jackets and trousers – if you’re planning on braving chilly ski slopes, you’d better wrap up in more than one layer! Base layers act as insulation units that trap the pockets of warm air you’ll need to keep going, so don’t forget them even though they can’t be seen.

Ski Goggles

Next up are ski goggles – indispensable if you’re serious about skiing, and your eyes! Ski goggles are skiers’ best weapon against the damaging glare from the sun or snow debris getting lifted from the piste. These hazards are easily prevented by wearing a pair of ski goggles that blocks out any particles that could harm your sensitive eyes and negatively affect your skiing performance.

Ski Gloves

Now that we’ve run through the most obvious essentials, here we go all the way to the extremities. Ski gloves not only serve the natural purpose of warding off frostbite, but they also help your grip and are an important tool in keeping your balance.

Ski Socks

If there’s one part of the body you don’t want to get cold, it’s your feet. That’s why you’d never go skiing without proper ski socks that huddle against your toes to lock in warmth and guard your feet against the rough and tumble of the sport.

Our ski socks are built to last you through many skiing seasons, and with anti-bacterial properties blended into a luscious Merino wool material.

Ski Helmet

While adverse climate and weather conditions dominated our first phase of essentials, we now turn to safety concerns. Ski helmets are an absolute necessity if you’re only just starting out. You don’t want an injury curtailing your progress far too soon! For the more experienced skier, ski helmets still provide a layer of essential protection against head injuries that could be very serious or even fatal.

Ski Hat

As an extra protective shell of warmth underneath your helmet, ski hats are an accessory you cannot ski without. An essential in the making, we’ve got plenty of cute and quirky hats to keep your head cosy and your ears from being frozen! Made with love and trimmed with fleece or knitted wool, these hats are the epitome of fun and are a perennial favourite amongst parents and their kids.

Ski Scarf

And finally, to round off our clothing essentials to take skiing is the neck warmer. This little player packs a big punch when it comes to keeping your neck warm and colds at bay. Ski scarves cover up the last bit of skin susceptible to your skiing endeavours and lets you roll down the slopes hassle-free.

Snow Boots

For walks, hikes and generally moving around in the snow, snow boots are the most vital items to carry around. Regular footwear does not make the cut here; snow boots are purposefully designed to withstand the cold, wet consistency of snow while keeping your feet warm and dry.

Kids Ski Suits

Kids snow suits are definitely a parent’s essential packing item for a skiing trip. These playful rompers merge ski jackets and pants into one adorable outfit that signals they’re ready for a winter wonderland.

Now that we’ve run the whole gamut of skiing essentials, before you embark on your skiing trip, make sure you pack tickets, money and your passport, as well as the luxuries you can’t afford to live without. There’s nothing like a squishy travel pillow or a deep heat muscle soak to restore your energy and keep your spirits tuned to the rugged pleasure of skiing!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s escape to the slopes!