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Summer Garden Ideas for Kids

Fun and Free Garden Activities for Kids

We’ve spent a lot of time at home and in the garden, it’s become a special place for us all. The sun has been shining continuously for a few days in a row now – we’re taking this as the start of our summer. With more friends being able to visit your garden, we need to be able to entertain the kids so that you’re able to get a proper catch up with friends. With this in mind, we have some summer garden ideas to keep your little ones content. Spread the word, tell your friends…

This will all depend on your child’s age so take it with a pinch of salt and see how activities could be altered to suit them. We would recommend getting them familiar with nature and a great place to start is to teach them about the basics on how things grow in the garden. Having a mini project to work on together would be beneficial for the both of you, gardening is therapeutic and planting seeds for a vegetable patch or taking the time to press flowers would be fun learning. Being out in the fresh open air will also do them the world of good, trust us. We’re the outdoors experts.

Being at one with nature gets them away from the various screens in the house, they’ll be able to fantasize about the films they watch or the books they read at bedtime. You could go old school and create a den with bedsheets and add fairy lights to accessorize. Participating in make-believe play and being able to create something for themselves is something they find exciting – it gives them a sense of adventure and it’s simply, somewhere to hide.

How to build a den fortress? Let us help you.

Things your children can use to make a den

  • Chairs and tables – they’re great for draping bedsheets over
  • Bedsheets and clothes pegs
  • Brushes with long handles, bamboo canes or brooms
  • Things to accessorize the den – fairy lights, crafted paper mobiles, lots of cushions, throws and toys for tea parties (of course)

You could even build a twig tepee using branches that are stacked at an angle against a wall, fence or tree stalk. You might not have an abundance of twigs accessible in your garden so a small woodland walk would be suitable. We would also encourage you to be creative with them, crafting and getting their hands messy is something that they’ll love! We all know how inquisitive children are and if they can’t make a mess in the house and squiggle chalk on the walls, they can do it outside… right? Relive your childhood and let’s get excited for the great outdoors.

You might want to consider something more permanent than creating your own dens. We have a selection of pop-up tents and kid’s sleeping bags perfect for both inside and outside use and designed to encourage imaginative play. Available in a variety of different designs including a fairy tale princess castle covered in snow in a bubble-gum blue and lilac colourway, an aquatic design for those who love the ocean and want to feel like Ariel, under the sea. A bright pink candy coloured design including florals, fauna and wildlife and last but definitely not least, a space camp for the mini-astronauts – lie down with them when the sun goes down and gaze into the night sky whilst the stars glisten and glimmer. This one’s for you too.

Other Outdoor Activities for Kids

  1. Paddling pool (for the days when the sun is shining)
  2. Drawing or painting
  3. Have a picnic
  4. Create a bug box and go on a bug hunt!
  5. Climbing trees
  6. Playing board games outdoors
  7. Play hide and seek
  8. Scrapbooking – great for cherishing memories
  9. Have a water balloon fight – you’ll need swimwear for this one! Top Trespass Tip – if you want to win, we would recommend our Pump Action water gun or Pump Action water pistol.
  10. Build a back garden obstacle course

Indoor Activities for Kids *only if the weather is cold or rainy

  • Grab a Trespass waterproof jacket and head out to the park.
  • Bake together – a great trick is buying plain digestive biscuits and icing sugar if you have limited time. Simply decorate with sprinkles.
  • Build Lego together
  • Play with Play-Doh and have timed sessions where you have to create animals
  • Have a tea party with assorted teddy bears and toys
  • Play hide or seek