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Swimwear for Kids’

As we enter spring break and summer is just around the corner, we plan to get organised with swimwear for the kids’. Travel advice is very much still stay local in the UK, many countries have also closed their borders or restricted entry to UK travellers unless you have a permitted reason to do so. With this in mind, dipping your toes in the pool abroad with the sun on your skin is a distant memory, for now, anyway. Days out at the local swimming pool or beach will have to become the new norm until we’re able to venture further afield by air.

Who says that the fun has to stop? Days by the beach in the summer within the UK when the weather is warmer than what we’re used to, is the best feeling. Tell us we’re wrong… It may be a little cooler and breezier than what we’re used to on holiday but choosing the right pool or beachside accessories for the kids’ can make the difference to keep them happy and occupied for a fun filled day out with the family.

What to pack for the beach with kids’

When you’re planning a day out to the beach, you need to be well prepared and well packed – those are our top tips, especially with children. You want to be able to enjoy the soothing sound of the waves and the summer sunshine without having to worry about tantrums caused by the application of suncream or sunscreen (depending on where you’re from) From SPF to snacks and refreshments as well as everything else in-between, we will give you our expert advice on what to pack for a perfect day at the beach with the family.

The Essentials

  • Suncream, Sunscreen, SPF – This is definitely your number one. It protects your skin from UV rays and decreases your risk of developing cancer. Children’s skin is much more sensitive than adult skin and should be protected from strong sunlight when exposed to it all day.
  • Hats – For your little ones as well as yourself.
  • Sunglasses As well as protecting your skin, protect your eyes too!
  • Swimwear Of course.
  • Change of clothes A change of clothes after a long day at the beach is definitely needed.
  • Travel towels For when you need to dry after being in the sea, it also doubles as an extra layer of protection when the winds pick up.
  • Beach throws Bring the home comforts to the beach. Make your day out more comfortable by adding some beach throws, consider foldable chairs and an umbrella to give you some shelter from the sun and wind.
  • Food – If you forget the snacks, it’s game over. Make sure you bring food that packs easily and doesn’t ruin in the heat. We would recommend homemade trail mix, fruits and granola bars as well as a mix of substantial sandwiches to share.
  • Drinks – Including water as you get dehydrated quicker when you’re out in the sun.
  • Water shoes To provide you with grip on wet surfaces. They could also be worn by the poolside or in the sea.

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