The Best Ghost Walks: Halloween Edition

How is it that time of year already? The mornings are darker, the nights are shorter and the chill in the air is very much here. For those who love history and mystery, you’d love these selected ghost tours here in the UK – if you dare, that is. From abandoned buildings and graveyards to weary woodland walks and eerie city streets, these will be sure to make the hairs on your arms stand up, just in time for celebrating the scariest day of the year. If Halloween is one of your favourite seasons and you love a good scare as well as walking after dark to find a spooky spot then these could be for you! We have also included night-time walking accessories that you can take with you so that you don’t feel alone. Sit back and relax, for now, as we give you an insight into some authentic tales.

The Top 3 Destinations for Ghost Walks in the UK

1. London, England

London has it all. From West End tours to ghost walks and late night bus journeys. The Ghastly Ghost Walk includes spooky sightings of central London at night with an informative guide of haunting tales of London’s hidden history through headphones (which are provided for you). The tour lasts around 2 hours so make sure that you’re well equipped with packaway jackets, hand warmers and anything else you might need to cut through the cold.

The bus tour is on any night of the week but it’s best visiting closer to Halloween as you get a real feel of the city’s long and troublesome history. The bus goes through poorly lit alleyways and gloomy streets of London’s past which literally sends chills down your spine. The stories of Sweeney Todd and the neglected Cross Bones Graveyard are your final stops.

Ghastly Ghost Walk – from £20.00pp (Adult) | London Bridge Ghost Walk – from £14.39pp (Adult) | The Alleyways and Shadows of London – from £12.99pp (Adult)

2. York, England

York is known as being one of the spookiest cities in the UK and in the world. Europe’s oldest gothic cathedral sits beguilingly where you can walk to at your own leisure. The York Dungeon is the most popular for tourists and locals alike where the guide gives a 75 minute tour of York’s compelling history through the use of actors and special effects. They talk about the tales including the Gunpowder Plot and lead you through the dungeon’s hidden passages. York also hosts the Original Ghost Walk of York which was established in 1973 where the city’s visitors get to experience something different at Halloween while uncovering York’s hidden alleyways.

The York Dungeon – from £17.55pp (Adult) | The Original Ghost Walk of York – from £10.26pp (Adult) | Shadows of York – from £9.00pp (Adult)

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, the picturesque capital of Scotland was always going to be in our top 3. Its home to the fictional universe of Harry Potter – city of creative writers – where magic comes alive. There are various ghost walks through the streets of the city where you can visit the scenes of spine-chilling courtyards and the Old Town alleyways that were once haunted. Similarly to the Edinburgh dungeon, there are actors that will appear along the tour to give you the fright of your life. Edinburgh is also known to have a criminal underworld beneath the city’s concrete featuring an underground chamber and vaults. “This is history brought to life through storytelling, rather than simply walking around and pointing out historical facts.” states Visit Scotland.

Underground Walking Tour – from £14pp (Adult) | Fright Night Tour – from £16.22pp (Adult) | Edinburgh Dark History – from £13pp (Adult)

Walking Essentials for Ghost Walks

You might not need extra bits and bobs if you’re on an organised tour, they’ll have everything you need and more there but if you’re looking to go on a Halloween walk with the family, we would recommend the following:

  1. Lightweight packaways
  2. Hat and gloves
  3. Hand-held torch
  4. Portable lantern
  5. Kid’s torch
  6. Sighting compass
  7. Walking socks
  8. Hand warmers (and plenty of them!) – we have great reusable ones.
  9. Emergency whistle
  10. Hand salve and lip balm