Best Ski Resorts for Beginners in Scotland

Skiing can seem like a daunting and even intimidating experience for first-timers. Although, all the best ski resorts welcome beginners, just as much as they do seasoned pros.

Beginners can be of all ages, but they are often more likely to be children or young adults, which means that many of the good beginners ski resorts are also super family-oriented and make for ski adventures that everyone in the clan can enjoy.

So, where’s best place to ski in Scotland for families and/or beginners? We can tell you!

Glencoe Mountain Ski Resort

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ couldn’t be more spot on for Glencoe Mountain.

Scotland’s oldest ski centre, is perfectly suited for skiers of all experience levels. Its wide variety of slopes cater equally to beginners and experts, meaning there is a lot of room for first-timers to go and get to grips with the sport, with no pressure to get off the beginner’s slope too quickly.

Despite being the oldest ski resort in the country, the resort has made significant improvements to its beginner’s area in recent years to expand it and make it as welcoming as possible. Its own in-house ski school is available for whoever needs it, with professionals and experts on-hand to instruct and guide you along the way.

Glenshee Ski Centre

Gleenshee Ski Centre is the UK’s largest ski resort and offers an unforgettable experience to skiers of all experience levels.

This resort has 36 runs across 40km of piste snow, meaning that beginners are not restricted to just one slope. Glenshee Ski Centre is Scotland’s biggest ski area and offers breathtaking views on the slopes and is usually open for longer than the average ski season – so you can even choose to go at a quieter time if you’re not quite prepared for the business of peak ski season.

Glenshee’s ski school welcomes beginners and is renowned for its excellent value-for-money tuition available.

Lecht Ski Centre

Situated in the spectacular Cairngorms National Park, the Lecht Ski Centre is the smallest of the five outdoor ski resorts in Scotland, but that doesn’t mean that is compromises on quality.

Originally built to develop an area that was more suitable for beginners, the centre remains one of the best places to learn to ski for beginners and intermediates, alike. It has a smaller vertical than other Scottish resorts and even its longest runs are of an intermediate steepness, so while it may deter the more confident and experienced skiers, Lecht is a haven for newbies or those who want more practice before going any further.

With a family-oriented centre, Lecht boasts its own in-house Ski School that offers ski tuition with ‘packages to suit every budget and level’. Private lessons are available, or you can opt for a shared class to learn with others at your level. This ‘natural playground’ is fun for everyone!

Now you’ve heard everything you need to know about Scotland’s best ski resorts, it’s time you hit the slopes. Discover our latest range of and ensure that you’ve got the perfect gear to tackle any run.

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