Best Skiing in Scotland

Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful and serene ski destinations in the world, with skiers from all over visiting the slopes every year.

Worldwide ski fanatics, Scottish locals and other Brits can all easily make use of these top destinations. Indoor or outdoor, there are plenty of different options available to get to grips with the skis and indulge in some fun snowsports at your leisure with family and friends.

If you’re unsure of your nearest Scottish ski resorts, we have made a rather comprehensive list to help you explore your options and decide on where to go to enjoy what Scotland skiing has to offer. So if you’re looking for the best place to ski in Scotland then look no further!

Where to Ski in Scotland?

Surrounded by the stunning backdrops of the Highlands and Aberdeenshire, there are a mighty six Scotland ski resorts that each offer unforgettable skiing experiences.

When to Ski in Scotland?

You’ll find the best skiing in Scotland at Aberdeen, Inverness, Aviemore, Glasgow and Argyll.

Recent years have brought very good, if not harsh, winters and snow in Scotland, making for perfect skiing environments across the mountains as the cold, wintery weather lasts for longer.

The prime time to ski Scotland occurs in late winter and early spring. The season usually runs from December right through to early April, although this varies depending on when snowfall is best. For example, if winter starts later than usual then January will kick off the season and it may run later.

Scottish Ski Resorts

There are five outdoor ski resorts and one indoor ski centre in Scotland. Whether you’re wanting to have some Aviemore skiing fun or looking for the best Scottish ski resort, we can help you decide where to go.

Glenshee Ski Centre

Kicking things off with the largest ski resort in the UK (!), Glenshee offers one of the most spectacular skiing experiences in the world.

With a choice of 36 runs across 40km of pisted snow, the resort spans across four mountains and three valleys, and has plenty of lifts and tows – 21, to be exact – available to keep things ticking along at all times.

The longest single run at Glenshee is Glas Maol at 2km, and this resort is also usually open for longer than the average season thanks to its extensive snow-making facilities. The ski school welcomes everyone from beginners to seasoned pros with its brilliant value-for-money training courses available.

Glencoe Mountain Ski Resort

Boasting the steepest ski run in Scotland, the Glencoe Mountain ski resort is of the oldest ski centres in Scotland and an essential visit for any avid skier.
While often pitched as better suited to experienced skiers, Glencoe Mountain has made significant improvements to its beginner’s area in recent years and has 20 different runs available for people at all levels to choose wisely from.

Snowboarding, sledging and avalanche training are all available in the winter, in addition to ski school that offers expert tuition to newcomers.
All we would advise is that newbies don’t attempt the famous ‘flypaper’ run – the steepest black run in the UK – too quickly.

Cairngorm Ski Resort

Aviemore is home to Scotland’s most popular ski resort – and arguably, the best Scottish ski resort – Cairngorm, which is often hailed as its most beautiful one too.

Situated between Perth and Inverness, Cairngorm offers an entirely unique skiing experience as it boasts Scotland’s only funicular railway that takes skiers to the top.

The longest single run at Cairngorm is 3.3km, with many more available to explore. There is also a fun park area that offers freestyle fans free terrain to have a bit more freedom and experiment with their skills.

With excellent packages available for first-time skiers, there is skiing in Scotland for beginners or anyone to be found here.

Nevis Range Mountain Resort

The Nevis Range Mountain Resort offers a unique skiing and snowboarding experience.

Situated by Fort William, the ski resort reaches highs of 3,900 feet with the UK’s only mountain gondola taking visitors about halfway up. The extensive beginner’s area is excellent for any first-timers, while an artificial slope provides consistent skiing opportunities when the snowfall slows down.

Lecht Ski Centre

Located in the breathtaking Cairngorms National Park, Lecht Ski Centre is a relatively new resort that has grown to a year-round centre in the Scottish Highlands.

Referred to as a ‘natural playground’, the ski centre offers some of the most consistent snow conditions and boasts 20 ski runs. Now forged as one of Scotland’s top ski resorts, it is known for being especially good for beginners and intermediates.

Ski Touring in Scotland

The rise in popularity of ski touring has saw a number of different packages made available in Scotland.

For those unfamiliar, ski touring is the act of skiing across open country, often referred to as ‘backcountry skiing’.

Cairngorm offers an introduction to ski mountaineering – a form of ski touring – that runs from Aviemore in the Cairngorms National Park. The 5-day course covers essential learning from understanding weather and avalanche forecasts to off-piste ski coaching, and gives you plenty of opportunity to ski.

Ski touring packages like this will teach you unique techniques for mountain journeying, providing you with useful skills that you can use wherever you are but ultimately will help you handle more challenging conditions and environments. Perhaps not one for beginners, ski touring is something that every avid skier should do at least once in their lifetime.

Indoor Skiing Centres in Scotland

Whether you’re wanting to ski more regularly or don’t have the time for a full-blown ski trip, there is always the option of using indoor ski centres and ski slopes in Scotland that are available to help you do the job just fine.

Snow Factor Glasgow

Glasgow is home to Scotland’s first indoor ski resort, Snow Factor.

With ski lessons for all ages and private lessons available, beginners can choose to learn the basics here before moving on to one of the outdoor resorts, and keen skiers can keep up their hobby with some off-season skiing, too.

Boasting the longest indoor real snow slope in the UK, Snow Factor also has a dedicated teaching and instruction slope that makes it the perfect choice for anyone new to the sport – and it’s just 10 minutes from the city centre!