The Best Walking Sandals: Buyers Guide

Seasoned travellers know that one of the most essential items of summer kit is a good pair of walking sandals. Lightweight and breathable but sturdy enough for the trails. When it comes to gentle summer hikes there’s no better footwear than the trusty sandal. Whether you’re hiking through a desert or exploring a nearby trail, hiking sandals should be an essential part of your walking wardrobe.

Our walking sandals for men and women aren’t the same as the everyday sandal that you might find in the high street store. There are a few things that you should look out for to ensure that your feet get the comfort and protection that they need. Your sandal should have plenty of support and structure underfoot, which is especially important if you’re walking on rocky underfoot since your sandal won’t have the same ankle support as a walking boot.

Shop for your sandals the same way you would do for your walking shoes or boots. Wear them around the house and out on a few short walks to break them in and prevent blisters on your first walk.

Trespass Top Tip ✔️

For longer-distance walks and rough terrain – lookout for a sandal with a toe cap (to avoid stubbing your toe) and multiple straps to ease the pressure on your feet and offer comfort and support.

Why are walking sandals great for summer hikes?

  • Ventilation: The open-air ventilation allows your feet to breathe – preventing sweat and blisters.
  • Lightweight: They take up virtually no space in your suitcase. Ideal for vacations.
  • Multi-functional: Wear your sandals in streams, trails, and paved paths. Pack them in your backpack and switch between your shoes and sandals.
  • Styles: There are lots of choices when it comes to sandals. For hikers that love to explore all kinds of terrain, the best walking sandals are the rugged trail-ready designs with thick soles, closed-toe caps, and thick straps for support. But, if you’re more of a leisurely walk-by-the-beach type, then a lighter pair of sandals will do the job.
  • Fashionable: Available in a range of styles and finishes, traditionally seen as fashion faux-pas, sandals are now a trendy piece of footwear. When you’re not hiking, style your sandals with a casual dress or a pair of casual cargo pants.

Best Walking Sandals for Women

1. Kimbra Women’s Leather Sandals

The Best Walking Sandal for Leisurely City Strolls

The Kimbra sandal is a Trespass customer favorite. And, rightly so. The upper fabric is made with soft Nubuck leather, so it fits your feet like a glove. The plush cushioned footbed molds to your foot’s natural shape and amps up the comfort factor. With a durable traction outsole, these sandals will perform well on gentle hikes and city strolls. But, take care on long-distance walks and rough terrain since there is limited side protection. If you need side protection, the best walking sandal would be one with thicker straps. Or, perhaps a walking boot – depending on the difficulty of the terrain.

Lorna B.

“Comfortable – very good quality. Very happy with them – look nice with skirts/dresses which is unusual for practical sandals!”
2. Brontie Women’s Protective Walking Sandals

The Best Walking Sandal for Long Distances

The Brontie is popular with hikers and seasoned travellers alike. For a sandal that will see you through all terrains, look no further. The sandal features a closed toe and hook and loop ankle strap, which provides a sturdy structure to offer balance and protect your feet on rough underfoot.  The adjustable pull cord means you can create a comfortable and secure fit. Available in stylish Pink and Grey colours.

Best Walking Sandals for Men

  1. Belay Men’s Walking Sandal

The Best Walking Sandal for Hiking in all Terrains

Another Trespass customer favourite. The Belay sandal is designed to provide comfort in all walking conditions. The upper section is padded with super soft cushioning and features a 3 point adjustment, which means you’ll have a snug fit that is tailored to your feet. The outsole is made from durable rubber and provides superb traction on all terrains. The simple black finish is stylish and practical –  the kind of sandal that you’ll want to wear all summer long.

Morna L.

Bought for my husband to replace the pair he has had for a few years. He wears them all summer and finds them really comfortable and great for walking“.

2. Barkon Men’s Walking Sandal

The Best Walking Sandal for Walking in Hot Conditions

The super-stylish Barkon is crafted with a durable leather upper. Leather straps are great at minimising sweat and resisting moisture, ideal for walking in warm weather. Be careful if walking in wet conditions since leather can take longer to dry out. Or, invest in a silicone treatment that will create a protective barrier from water damage. For style and comfort, look no further.

Fitting your sandals

  • You should have a thumbs width between your toes and the end of the sandal.
  • If you intend to wear walking socks with your sandals you should go up one size.
  • The base of the sandal should match your foot shape. It should be as wide as your foot to provide sufficient support.

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