Trespass Technology Guide

Many Trespass products feature a range of fabric technologies that give them the fantastic protective properties they have. Here we give a breakdown of how each technology works so you know exactly what you’re getting when you choose one of our special fabrics:


This performance fabric is used in many of our ranges. Picture this: a single column of water held back by a piece of our Tres-Tex® fabric. The waterproof reading is the height in millimetres thiscolumn would reach before starting to seep through. Therefore, 5000mm is, in fact, 5 metres of water repelled by the fabric. Ideal for active, highly mobile pursuits, this fabric is also breathable and windproof. The supple, durable and functional coatings and surface treatments help repel water and work with your layering system to draw moisture away from your body. Tres-Tex® is also available in a Stretch design.

Our fabrics excel as all-rounders in bad weather solutions. Tres-Tex® 3 Layer Waterproof Fabric is breathable and windproof, with taped seams. The fabric is supple and durable and when used as the outer shell in a layering system, Tres-Tex® 3 Layer will allow you to maintain a dry and comfortable personal environment when the weather is not at its best.


Tres-Shield™ Waterproof and Windproof Fabric is the perfect choice for bad weather situations. Waterproof and windproof, with taped seams, this performance fabric is used to produce a range of great value outerwear. Supple and durable, functional coatings and surface treatments help repel water and wind, keeping you comfortable even when it’s most unlikely.

Taped Seams

Taped Seams are a staple for waterproof clothing and consist of an extra material to prevent moisture from penetrating the garment’s seams. While a jacket’s material may be waterproof, the seams need to be taped if they are to effectively stop moisture from getting into the jacket. Jackets with taped seams are the best choice for heavier rain and tougher conditions.


DLX® is a hand-selected range specifically chosen to provide the top of the range in performance and features. This is truly the best of the best and ideal for those who demand a little bit extra from their outdoor clothing, otherwise known as the consummate professionals. DLX® spans our entire collection, from accessories to high-end outerwear, and delivers deluxe performance for life in the extremes.


Our Packaway range are designed to fold to compact sizes, allowing them to be stored easily when not needed, without taking up too much space. With some of the designs having drawcord bags and others that pack into their own pockets, these jackets are perfect for days when you’re not sure how the weather will turn and want to have a backup waterproof to keep you covered. You can be prepared without sacrificing neither weight nor space in your pack. Packaway garments are lightweight, adjustable and less bulky yet retain their performance.


Intelligent® fabrics constitute an inspired solution to the problems posed by cold weather. Reflective surfaces send back valuable warmth into the garment which would otherwise escape and be lost. By reflecting the body’s heat, this intelligent use of materials can reduce bulk and padding through sophisticated outerwear insulation.


Lightweight, durable and soft-lofted fibres trap and hold the heat generated by your body, giving you maximum freedom of movement. ColdHeat® fabrics allow you to stay comfortable in the most arctic of conditions and climates.


Designed for comfort and warmth through the soft, light, breathable, anti-pill properties of this fleece, these special garments are a versatile mid-layer. The unique structure of AirTrap® not only stretches to enable total freedom of exertion but also creates airspaces that trap and hold your body heat. An unbeatable arm against changeable inclement weather!

Comfort Stretch

Comfort Stretch fabric is designed to expand and contract with the body, permitting you to perform limitless actions while you stay comfortable and sheltered. It is a fantastic choice for balancing an insulating slim fit with the freedom to move your body and perform in the outdoors.


QuickDry fabric will wick moisture away from the skin in a bid to keep you feeling cool and dry. The material will then dry quickly, preventing cold and damp in the garment from creating an unpleasant, uncomfortable state that doesn’t warm up. This material is a staple for active wear.


DuoSkin® Intelligent Fabric effectively draws moisture away from the skin. This moisture quickly evaporates when brought to the surface of the fabric, leaving you dry and comfortable. Tightly woven fibres, high wicking and quick drying, a fantastic choice for active wear.


Trespass DuoSkin+® technology is your first line of defence against harmful UV rays and uncomfortable humidity. Trespass DuoSkin+® technology has been developed with travel and leisure in mind and effectively draws moisture away from the skin. This moisture quickly evaporates when brought to the surface of the fabric, leaving you always dry and comfortable. This is much like having a faultless second skin for constant protection!


With special fibres that combat germs and prevent them from spreading or multiplying, our antibacterial clothing is designed to keep you fresh and in tip-top sanitary conditions over a prolonged workout. This will make you feel clean and comfortable while enjoying yourself at the gym or outdoors, without having to worry about keeping a change of clothes with you at all times.


Provides a major line of defence against irritating, biting insects – especially midges in the British summer. The non-toxic, insect-repelling agents in the fabric significantly reduce the chances of being targeted. MoskitoPhobia® garments are also fast-drying and high-wicking, maintaining unparalleled personal luxury. Easy-wear, easy-care. The must-have items for your walking, camping and summer festival wardrobe!


The cottony soft comfort of Supplex® – part of the Trespass Adventure collection – offers superior comfort, freedom of movement and is lightweight and breathable. Supplex® fabric is also quick-drying, water-resistant and has a Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating of 40+.


The 21st century demands higher performance, more flexibility and better ideas. To stay ahead of the game, people need intelligent technologies that reliably support them in their daily lives. This challenge is our vision. Sympatex® technology develops innovative functional systems for clothing and footwear – the right solution for a demanding new era. Welcome to the future!


The 3-in-1 features three options in one garment. If it’s an adaptable solution you’re looking for, this custom layering system is just what you need. The removable fleece gives you the ability to adjust your own personal microclimate, while the outer shell jacket counters rain and snow. Whether you’re hiking the backcountry or walking the dog in the park, 3-in-1 adds up to the perfect balance between all you need from one clothing item with the expert features of three technical pieces.


DWR is a durable, water-repellent finish which provides a protective wall from water droplets on the outer layer of the garment. DWR is not waterproof, but does reduce condensation forming, aiding breathability so less moisture reaches your skin.


CoolMax® fabric offers soft, lightweight and breathable comfort. It wicks moisture away from your body keeping you cool, dry and comfortable.

Look out for these trademark fabrics when considering your purchase, and consult our friendly, helpful staff if you’re unsure about what best fits in with your requirements. You’re spoiled for choice, we know!

Our Ratings Explained

Finding the right combination of waterproofing and breathability to meet your exact needs is crucial if you want to stay warm, dry and comfortable in any condition. We make finding the fabric that’s right for you easy, with our tiered rating system.

The quick reference guide lets you zone in, indicating where this particular item sits in the Technical Performance range. Choose the TP rating to satisfy your needs or activity. The higher the rating, the better and increased features and performance.

Finding the right level of warmth to meet your needs is crucial if you want to stay warm, dry and comfortable. We make finding the right fleece for you simple and hassle-free with our new AT rating system. The higher the rating, the heavier the weight of the fleece. We offer a comprehensive range including Micro, Polar, Bonded, Water-Resistant and printed garments with optimum comfort and protection in mind. Our Fleece range delivers durability, whether it be for today’s customer requiring high-output performance of those enjoying everyday activities.

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