Trespass TP 50, 75 & 100 Ratings Guide


At Trespass, we have our very own system for rating our clothing and accessories, to make your shopping easier and help you understand the features and performance behind the purchase you’re making.

We use a three-tier system that splits our ever-changing ranges into three simple categories for ease of reference. These categories bear the Trespass ‘Technical Performance’ initials (TP50, TP75, TP100), and can be understood as a general percentage rating of the technicality and performance that our products offer.

It could be a ski jacket or a pair of waterproof trousers, and when it’s labelled as a TP50 garment, it means that it’s halfway through the maximum features-to-performance ratio. The higher the rating, the better and increased features and performance you’ll get out of the product, so TP75 garments are a step above TP50 and offer higher levels of features and performance, while TP100 garments offer the absolute best features and performance from our clothing and accessories.

The graph below demonstrates the TP ratings gradient:




You can filter by TP Rating on the left-hand sidebar.

In general, TP50 clothing has the right combination of waterproofing and breathability to meet basic needs while you’re pursuing a select outdoors activity. While not recommended for use in extremely harsh outdoor conditions, TP50 items will hold up well to mild to average conditions, providing enough warmth, dryness and comfort for you to remain fully protected.

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Items marked TP75 present a happy medium between basic technical features and professional-level technicality. TP75 clothing and accessories will generally be waterproof to at least 5,000mm and breathable to at least 5,000mvp. They will also generally have a number of other technical features to support the function of the garment and the protection it is able to provide.


TP100 products are the most technical and feature-rich of all our products. They provide top-of-the-line protection when engaging in outdoor activities, whether it’s waterproof levels of more than 10,000mm or breathability over 8,000mvp, plus a myriad of other robust technical features. TP100 clothing and accessories are the reserve of serious outdoor enthusiasts and professionals who expect the most out of their gear, with specs that soar above the norm for our ranges.

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