Trespaws’ Top Tips for Winter Dog Care

Once the dog days of the year are over, in rolls winter with its long, dark nights and, not forgetting, the weather Great Britain is famed for (NB: anything but ‘great’). Much like their hoomans, this is a time where dogs can fall prey to illness – and yes, dogs can get colds!

With the help of our dog lifestyle brand, Trespaws, we’ve answered your brrr-illiant questions on how best to care for your canine in the cold. So, if you’re wanting to keep your pug snug, your spaniel cocky or your retriever golden, read on to find out how to keep your dog safe and warm this winter.

What can I give my dog for winter?

The first step to preventing problems for your precious pooch in winter is to ensure that they are healthy, which is why we’ve teamed up with Wilsons Pet Food to spread the word about their 100% natural food and quality ingredients. Made right here in the UK with minimal processing, Wilsons provide cold pressed dog food to anyone with a hankering for a healthy hound – and any hound with a hankering for healthy treats! Head over to www.wilsonspetfood.co.uk for more information on the high-quality raw frozen dog food they have on offer and to help them celebrate their 160th birthday later this year. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the launch of their new eco-friendly packaging very soon!

Cold pressed food boasts not only better digestibility, but a greater nutritional value and should always be served with a bowl of fresh water. Keeping your hound hydrated is just as essential as hydrating yourself – especially after exercise. By filling up a four-legged-friendly container before you set off on any W-A-L-Ks, you can make sure that there’s always safe drinking available no matter where you are. Trespaws offers BPA-free water bottles and travel dog bowls that are sure to please a panting tongue.

How do I protect my dog in the winter?

Making sure to dry your soggy doggy after a wet winter’s walk will warm them up faster and keep any lingering colds at bay. It’s always a smart idea to keep a dog towelling mitt in your car and, with the microfiber ones we stock at Trespaws, your precious pooch will stay smelling fresh, looking grrreat and feeling pawsome.

Thanks to daylight savings, there isn’t just the climate to compete with. The rush to get your walks in before the sun sets proves even more challenging in winter. It may seem obvious to reach for a torch in those dark and dingy hours, but juggling a light and a leash often results in losing one (or worse: both). Luckily, Trespaws offer a selection of reflective dog collars to help you in keeping an eye on your mischievous mutt.

The end of the year brings with it many-a celebration, including both Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve. Though these may be brilliantly light and bright celebrations for us, our four-legged friends often struggle with the loud and spontaneous bangs of fireworks. Check out our How to Calm Dogs during Fireworks guide for help on making this mildly more enjoyable for them.

How can I keep my dog warm in the winter?

Walkies in winter? Sends a chill through our Chihuahua. But nonetheless, the daily dog walk is crucial to your canine companion’s health and wellbeing. Though it can, occasionally, be swapped out for alternative indoor exercise, exploring the outdoors allows for a greater range of movement, off-the-lead freedom and a guarantee of no mucky paw prints all over your soft furnishings. To keep that tail waggy – and most importantly, warm – it’s imperative to find your Fido a dog coat that is waterproof and insulated to wave any weather woes away. Particular breeds, such as short-haired ones, are more prone to the cold and so would benefit from wearing a coat or dog jumper during the winter. At Trespaws, we offer dog coats with high warmth-to-weight ratios and anti-snowballing technologies that prevent pain caused by ice sticking to a dog’s fur.

You might be also thinking, do these dogs need blankets in the winter? Some dogs get cold during winter nights, but this is mainly dependent on the location of their bed. You can keep an outside dog warm in the winter by moving their bed temporarily indoors. If this isn’t possible, providing an insulated doghouse with a door to keep any drafts out should do the trick. And of course, a dog blanket if they require one.