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What is Vibram?

Vibram is highly recognised throughout the footwear industry. The soles, produced by Vibram, are called Vibram soles, Vibram rubber, or simply Vibram. Vibram soles were first used on mountaineering boots, replacing leather soles fitted with hobnails or steel cleats. With new methods of production, Vibram have created soles that provide exceptional grip – perfect for those off-trail slippery hill walk moments. Discover our collection of durable Vibram walking boots today.

You will be able to spot straight off the bat if your boots are Vibram. Vibram’s branding is highly recognised, with its bright yellow octagon shape on the sole of the boot. Every step you take, you will catch a glimpse of the iconic logo. The symbol for the global manufacturer who are known for their quality, durability, comfort and traction are the best in producing rubber soles.

For all of you walking and hillwalking fanatics, you should definitely invest in a pair of Vibrams.

Walking or Hiking

Vibram walking boots are highly breathable with a waterproof lining, suitable for short strolls, long distance walks as well as trekking through warm and wet climates. The Vibram soles are designed so that your feet are prepared for whatever terrain you may come across. Many features of our Trespass Vibram walking boots feature ankle supports that will prevent injury – it will also prevent debris getting into your boots which can become frustrating. The cushioned sole ensures comfort after a long day on your feet and the softshell fabric makes the boots flexible and lightweight. With gusseted tongues and waterproof membranes, Vibram walking boots will keep all moisture out whilst still having breathability properties.

Aitkan Men’s DLX Vibram Walking Boots

The Aitkan men’s Vibram walking boots are designed for life in extremes. Featuring a waterproof and breathable DLX membrane, protective and durable toe and heel guards, a cushioned footbed and a durable traction outsole. With their arch-stabilising supportive steel shanks and ankle-supportive cushioned collars and tongues, it’s a treat to get your feet in the Aitkan men’s hiking boots.

Aitkan Men’s DLX Vibram Walking Boots £74.99

Renton Men’s DLX Vibram Walking Boots

Be supreme with our DLX range. The Renton men’s Vibram walking boots are an essential item for walking or hiking and regular outdoor use. Design conscious, the in-house designers have created a matte black aesthetic which is on-trend and extremely wearable. With a Hydroguard waterproof material, they will ensure that moisture is locked out to keep you moving with a smile.

Renton Men’s DLX Vibram Walking Boots £89.99

Baylin Women’s Waterproof Vibram Walking Boots

The Baylin women’s Vibram walking boots are expertly crafted with a durable leather upper and molded Vibram traction soles. Enhancing both waterproof and breathability performance technologies, they feature protective and durable rubber toe guards ankle-supportive cushioned collars and tongues as well as arch stabilising shanks for added support. These Baylin boots were made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do. Available in a smokey brown.

Baylin Women’s Waterproof Vibram Walking Boots £114.99

Gerrard Men’s Waterproof Vibram Walking Boots

The Gerrard men’s Vibram walking boots are designed in a mid-cut style with a leather upper and durable Vibram traction outsole. They feature a waterproof and breathable membrane, a gusseted tongue and protective rubber toe guard with a supportive cushioned collar. The boots also feature an arch-stabilising shank and a cushioned footbed. Not all those who wander are lost – we’re just taking our new Gerrard walking boots for a quick spin.

Gerrard Men’s Waterproof Vibram Walking Boots £114.99

Walker Kids’ Vibram Walking Boots

The Walker Vibram walking boots for the kids’ are the perfect fit for weekend walks and hikes with the whole family. With growing feet, the Walkers will provide good support for the feet and the leather upper will ensure that they are long-lasting and hard-wearing.

Walker Kids’ Vibram Walking Boots £57.99