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Walking Boots Buying Guide


If you’re passionate about walking and do so regularly on the weekends or on your days off, you don’t want to be walking in trainers or flat shoes as these offer nil support and will soon become uncomfortable, in time, injuring your feet. Walking boots or shoes are walker’s go-to footwear – more so boots as they offer your ankles support when going over troublesome terrain.

With various boots available on the market, you need to know what ones are right for you. The fit is also imperative. Try the boots on at home with your walking socks and make sure you are able to walk in them with ease, this will also give you an indication of how they’ll feel when you’re out and about outside. Top Trespass Tip – Try your boots on in the afternoon as this is when your feet start to swell as you go about your day making the afternoon the best time for an accurate fit. High quality, sturdy and affordable – we take pride in having all three and more.

1 – Outsole

The outer sole of a walking boot features the rubber alongside the bottom of the boot which features the tread. The tread patterns on boots vary depending on the brand but they all serve a purpose and are designed for a certain type of environment. The soles of boots are usually made from natural rubber which is durable and hard-wearing. Vibram is one of the most recognised brands that offer a blend of foam and rubber which once combined, offers elasticity of foam added with the traction of rubber. We would recommend Vibram if you’re going to be tested with strenuous rock-strewn surfaces.

2 – Midsole

The midsole as named is located inside the boot and provides the correct amount of flexibility. The material Eva (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is commonly used which determines the stiffness and offers the wearer comfort while PU (Polyurethane) offers durability and is also the perfect level of flex and support. The choice of materials ultimately comes down to the personal preference of the user. Top Trespass Tip – When picking your boots we would recommend bending them with your hands to check the flex.

3 – Upper

The upper includes everything on the outside of the boot above the midsole. Initially, boots were made with leather as the material is natural and offers durability as well as being naturally waterproof and fairly breathable. Wearers tend to buy leather boots over synthetic as they tend to last longer if cared for properly. Now a days, walking boots are made with man-made fabrics as these are lightweight and highly breathable as well as needing less after care. Leather also tends to be heavier so bare that in mind, your feet feel a little heavier in comparison to synthetic boots. Synthetic boots are also great for summer months and milder temperatures whereas leather would be great in colder conditions. It really just depends on the user.

Most of our walking boots have gusseted tongues, this means that it has a section of material either side attaching to the rest of the boot acting as a guttering system. This keeps the water or any other elements from getting down the side of the tongue and into the boot. A great design feature to keep your feet warm and dry.

4 – Lining

Most walking boots have a waterproof and breathable liner which sits between the materials of the upper. The liner of the boots are usually made from a material called Gore-Tex. At Trespass, we have developed our own technology called Tres-Tex which is highly breathable and windproof. Bearing in mind the weather within the UK, it is something you should definitely be aware of and you should keep an eye out for when purchasing your first walking boots or looking to replace your ol’ trusties.

Finding your perfect boots will be stress-free when you consider where you will be walking, the duration of the journey and whether you’ll be sticking to the lowland or heading upland where the land becomes challenging but the view at the top is always worth it. That’s the beauty of hill walking, setting yourself the challenge, becoming at one with nature and following unknown paths to reach the top of the summit which reveals the never ending jewel-like landscapes.


Trespass customer-favourites –

Megan S.

Bought these for my boyfriend, we go on lots of wet, muddy dog walks and he needed something that would take a beating. He’s really happy with them, worn them a few times now and he’s not had any blisters, he says they’re comfortable, fit well and have kept his feet dry walking through puddles.

Hannah B.

Great quality & fit. Very happy with these boots.

Cameron Y.

Good comfy fit and grip, 100% waterproof kept my feet dry through some good sized puddles, used for dog walking over different terrain and they are excellent, would highly recommend and would buy again if needed a replacement

The Finley men’s waterproof walking boots are mid-cut featuring a waterproof and breathable membrane. With cushioned collar and tongue for ankle support, the boots are an “all round winner” for users that go for daily walks with the dogs or are planning days out for hill walking. The coffee colour palette with accents of orange make these practical yet trendy. The mix of materials used are designed in order to keep your feet as dry as possible whilst giving you the support you need to get to the top without any complaints.


A customer-favourite –

Donna D.

Great boots, very comfy and keep my feet warm and dry.

For the person who loves to wander. The Nomad women’s walking boots are designed in an icy black and aqua aesthetic with technical materials that are highly waterproof and extremely breathable. Featuring a gusseted tongue, protective and durable all-round mudguard and arch stabilising and supportive steel shank. The boots also contain a cushioned footbed which gives the user extra comfort and feature Vibram soles for long lasting support. Top Trespass Tip – We would recommend sizing up for these boots if you have a wider foot.


A customer-favourite –

Elaine H.

Walking boots are very good quality, delivery was prompt, very pleased with my purchase.

The Glebe walking boots are for the kids’, to give them confidence and to allow them to pursue the same adventures as older brothers or sisters and parents alike. Following their footsteps, one step at a time with the mid-cut hiking boots. Featuring Tres-Tex membrane and a mesh lining, meaning that trapped air and condensation is able to escape to stop build-up which will leave them feeling dry and fresh.

Available in a chocolate brown with accents of ruby red and slate grey with accents of lime green.

Don’t forget to pair your walking boots with a good quality pair of hiking socks.