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Whether you’re this year’s champion power-walker, or just popping out for a casual stroll, Trespass Expert Advice has got the solutions to your step-counting queries. Here you’ll find articles, guides and checklists advising on equipment, activities and technologies that will help you stay both on-trend and on-trail. We’ve walked the walk, and now we’re talking the talk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the questions we’re asked on a regular basis.

What clothing should I wear hiking?

When hiking, you need to prepare for both the cold and sudden showers, See our extensive guide here.

How do I properly care for my walking boots?

To get the most out of your boots, you need to keep them clean when not in use, See our guide here.

How should I pack my rucksack?

A poorly packed rucksack will throw you off balance on the trails, Learn how to do it right here.

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