Waterproof Jackets – Waterproofing and Cleaning

A step by step guide on how to re-waterproof a jacket

You have just purchased an expensive waterproof jacket that you will potentially have for years. It is an investment to your outerwear wardrobe and is an essential piece of clothing as it completes your outfit and let’s be honest, living in the UK, you definitely need one.

In rain, hail and shine your waterproof jacket will lose its water-repellence. Whether from walking the dogs or commuting to work on a daily basis, an unclean jacket will eventually stop repelling water. (And if you think going out in the rain will wash it, it won’t – trust us)

It’s a misunderstanding that washing your waterproofs will damage them – in fact, it is the complete opposite. Washing your waterproofs will keep them waterproof for longer. The lifespan of the waterproof technology doesn’t last forever so the upkeep for cleaning a waterproof jacket is imperative.

Unsure of how? Don’t worry, we have you protected.


Before waterproofing your jacket, we need to do some prep.

Ensure that all of your items are out of the pockets – remembering to zip up and fasten any straps or flaps.

Check if the jacket has removable features such as a hood or collar – these might need to be washed separately or using another method but we will let you in on the tips and tricks… don’t worry.

Then using a soft-bristle brush, brush with a light-medium weight to wipe off any debris, mud or dirt.


Before getting too excited, you may want to rinse your washing machine on a hot wash with nothing in it to get rid of any detergents and softeners as these are harmful to the waterproof technology.

Place your waterproof jacket into the drum (*top Trespass tip – do not overload the machine if you are washing more than one waterproof item)


We would recommend using the brand Nikwax. Not only are Nikwax products easy to use, they are also safe and are water based making them environmentally friendly. Nikwax recommend adding two jackets max with two full caps (100ml)

Run the complete wash and rinse cycle at 30 degrees. Remember to check the label of your garment before doing so.

Whilst waiting for the cycle to finish – grab a good book, listen to a podcast or even better – plan your next voyage.


Items should be left to air dry or to be tumble dried. We prefer hanging the item on a hanger and air drying as we wouldn’t want any of the graphic decals to peel away.

If you are finding that after washing and drying your item that it is absorbing water rather than repelling, you may have to reproof your item.

Relax – we’ve got you.

How to reproof a waterproof jacket?

Repeat the above steps using the Nikwax reproofing agent.

*Top Trespass tip – try to not tumble dry after using the reproofing agent as the heat with re-activate the durable water repellent treatment.

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