What are Taped Seams?

When browsing for items on Trespass – and our sister shop DLX – you will come across the term ‘Taped Seams’ frequently used in the features and technical specification of many of our products. But what are they, and why is it best to buy a waterproof jacket with taped seams?

Essentially, taping seams enhances the waterproof protection of clothing. Needle stitching leaves tiny holes in the garment through which water can seep when worn in wet conditions, however, taped seams prevents this from happening.

Stitching seams of a garment creates hundreds of needle holes that water can get through. Applying a thermoplastic tape under heat and pressure seals the seams and prevents moisture from passing through. Thus, taped seams keep you dryer and warmer.

Seam tape cannot be applied at home as the process requires a machine that bonds tape over the seams, so it is worthwhile checking for taped seams when shopping for clothing as it will provide additional protection that you sadly cannot DIY.

Taped seams do not only benefit waterproof jackets and men’s waterproof trousers but also tents, where it is almost essential if you’re setting up camp in areas where it may rain.

Besides being a quality guarantee, taped seams are a way of ascertaining waterproofing in products and just strengthening the material in general.

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