What to Wear Après Ski

Think it’s acceptable to roll off the slopes and saunter into a bar clad in soggy ski gear and boots? Think again.

Once upon a time, your ski day would start at first lift and end when the sunset and the last button lift clanged to a halt (save a quick ‘vin chaud’ break at lunchtime). In recent years, however, we’ve seen more of a shift towards a four-hour ski day, including a leisurely brunch (leaving the first tracks for the super keen) and a laid-back kind of day dispersed with the odd thigh-burner of a run, to justify the fondue later.

We’ve cottoned on to the fact that there’s nothing nicer than taking the European approach to skiing, which involves retiring to your accommodation 10 seconds before your favourite runs are cast in shadow, jumping into a steaming bath (or sauna for those of you in fancy gaffs), and dressing up to head out for a spot of après.

We’re going to run you through some of your après ski wear options, and prove that you can find the ultimate balance between style and comfort without breaking the bank.

What does Après Ski mean?

Literally, it translates to ‘after ski’, but anyone who’s been on a ski holiday before knows that après ski stands for so much more.

To some, it might conjure up images of teenagers dancing on tabletops and downing ‘ski shots’, but for most of us, it’s much more sophisticated: it’s the annual chance to glam up in a uniquely ‘outdoorsy’ kind of way.

The first thing you need to understand is that different bars and venues are going to have different vibes – the Swiss-style chalet with sommelier service is not going to welcome you if you’re sporting a lycra onesie. As with everywhere else, mountain villages have style standards and it’s important you make sure you’re dressed for the occasion.

Après Ski Essentials

When planning what to wear to après ski, it’s important to remember that layers are essential for the transition between cold mountain weather and a heated interior.

Starting from the top, even the least accessory-savvy of you will want to don a headpiece for your après excursions, even if just for the walk between venues. Ear warmers are a great option here, even better when coupled with a neck warmer to avoid problematic ‘hat hair.’ It’s socially acceptable to wear them inside too!

For the men, knitwear is king, and the traditional beanie hat still holds its place at the top of the headwear tree. There are more than enough great value options to ensure you can swap them out faster than the ladies are changing their shoes, whatever your style and budget.

Don’t forget gloves and ski sunglasses.

The next thing to consider is base layers. With some of the best venues boasting mountain views from rooftop terraces, these are just as important for après as they are on-piste. For an evening-ready thermal set up, make sure to wear a long-sleeved thermal top under your traditional fleece or sweater. You can even jazz it up by opting for bold colours and prints; perfect for when you strip back down to head inside. Whatever you do, leave the moth-eaten ¾ zip in your chalet!

Outerwear: Your Après Ski Jacket and Trousers

Unless your idea of ‘après’ includes torchlit Skidoos, leave your salopettes to dry out in the apartment. Instead, softshell trousers are a great option for an evening out in the frigid winter weather.

The water resistance will serve you well for a romantic evening of star-gazing, or even if you’re just waiting for the complimentary ski bus home. They also double up well as travel gear, which means you can pack light and leave the extra pairs of trousers at home.

Speaking of jackets, the smart money is spent on long and puffy designs. The added length will help keep your lower-end toasty, and – unless you’re planning on trying your hand at ice hockey – you don’t need to worry about stride restrictions. They may not be so practical for a day on the slopes, but this is your excuse to buy a snuggly down jacket or parka coat. Whoever’s idea it was to remodel a sleeping bag into a jacket was a genius, and the whole family can get themselves kitted out.

What Are Après Ski Boots and Why Are They Important?

What are après ski boots and why are they important? Well, facing up to the cold mountain weather requires the right pair of boots for the job. Getting good snow boots means considering all the practical essentials (are they waterproof, grippy and warm?), as well as coupling them with some snow-sport style.

You might recognise the styling in our mens snow boots range; practical with an industrial finish that will carry you from home to resort and back again without looking like an explorer!

The ladies snow boots range satisfies a more eclectic taste, with a greater selection of colours and lengths to compliment your whole ensemble. Why not try on a pair of fleece-lined snow boots for size? Shop snow boots for women

Skiing is a family-friendly activity, and we want to make sure everyone looks and feels the part. Explore our collection of stylish and comfortable ski wear for men, women and children, with awesome-value après ski clothing options that everyone can enjoy.