What Trousers Should I Wear Hiking?


While many new hikers are all set with their waterproof jackets and boots, it’s important that you make a smart choice on trousers too. Walking trousers should be durable, flexible, lightweight and designed to face the rigors of a long day of hiking.

It’s smart to view your trousers as part of a layer system. When you’re preparing for a hike, you’ll want to view your underwear – be it thermal or cooling – as a base, followed by your trousers and finally completed with waterproof overtrousers if the weather is forecast for rain.



When shopping for hiking trousers, you want to look out for several properties. While not every pair will have all of these, you can work out what you’ll need for the conditions you’ll be in and select accordingly.


These trousers are going to face up to a lot of wear when you’re hiking for hours on end and you don’t want tears or damage letting in the elements.


Your trousers will need to keep you warm, dry and protected from abrasions.  The material should be hard wearing and some feature a water resistant coating to stop moisture or mosquito repellent surfaces.


You’ll be wearing your hiking trousers for several hours at a time so it’s important that they stay comfortable. That means they shouldn’t be too tight and the material should be comfortable to wear.


You’ll have plenty of gear on you for the day so having some extra storage is very handy. Large pockets are great for your phone and essential items as well as a snack to keep you powering on through your hike.



We have several styles of hiking trousers on offer and each is suited to different climates and conditions.

Hiking Trousers

Hiking trousers are sturdy, all-round trousers for hiking, backpacking, camping and all sorts of other outdoor pursuits. Typically, these trousers will be comfortable-fitting and made with quick-drying materials to wick sweat away from the skin and keep you dry. They will have a relaxed fit for ease of movement and a flexible fit to allow you to scramble with ease. The trousers will also be made from hardy material to help them endure the physical obstacles of a day on the move.

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Softshell is a lightweight, flexible material that is designed to be waterproof and highly breathable. Softshell trousers will feel great on and offer you a full range of movement. These trousers will generally be lighter in weight and are ideal for maximum comfort when out walking for the day.

Convertible Trousers

Convertible trousers are very similar to hiking trousers, with the primary difference being that the legs can be removed to turn the trousers into shorts that generally sit above the knee. These trousers are a really versatile choice as they can be used throughout the year by alternating shorts and trousers. They’re easy to change so you can even remove the legs part-way through a hike.

Waterproof Overtrousers

When the rain starts falling, you need an extra layer of defence to prevent moisture from saturating your trousers. Overtrousers are pulled on easily over your trousers in a matter of moments to provide an instant layer of waterproof protection. These trousers will generally stow away in a small bag so you can keep them on hand until they’re needed, as wearing them when it’s not raining will lead to overheating.

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Additional Features

Our range of hiking trousers are designed to include several other helpful features to see you through your day of hiking.

Sun Protection

Several of our pairs of hiking trousers feature UPF40+ protection to stop the sun from burning your legs. This is ideal for those extra sunny days.

Comfort Stretch

Some of our hiking trousers feature panels made with extra stretchy material to allow free movement easily. This is ideal for scrambling and other activities when you need that extra degree of movement to make it up uneven terrain.

DWR Finish

While you need overtrousers for heavy rain, a DWR (durable water-resistant) coating will stop light rain and dew from seeping into the trousers so you don’t get weighted down, cold and uncomfortable.


Our Moskitophobia® technology repels biting insects to help you stay comfortable and prevent painful and irritating bites, which can be extremely annoying and frustrating when you’re trying to enjoy a long hike.

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