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Zip Off Cargo Trousers

What are Cargo Trousers?

Cargo trousers or cargo pants also referred to as combat trousers were originally designed for military purpose. Designed loosely in cotton or a variety of synthetic fabrics to withstand tough, outdoor activities and adverse weather conditions. Cargo trousers are distinguished by one or more cargo pockets, originally these pockets were for carrying essentials including field dressings, maps, rations and other military items. Today, these have become increasingly popular in urban areas as they are practical and convenient for carrying items during the day. As well as cargo trousers, cargo shorts are also extremely popular, perfect for warmer summer days and holidays abroad.

Top Trespass Tip – Cargo trousers can be paired with high top boots for a military-inspired masculine look.

Zip off cargo trousers are the best trousers for walking, ideally suited for outdoor activities in the sun. When you become too hot, you can zip off the lower section to create a pair of mid-length practical shorts.

The Benefits of Cargo Trousers

  • Easy to keep clean – made from synthetic fabrics which are lightweight, quickly washed and dried.
  • Comfortable – loose fitting style
  • They come in a variety of styles, fits and colours to suit all.
  • The fabrics are hard to snag – made from synthetic fabrics which are durable.
  • Storage – pockets for essentials meaning easy access when you’re out and about outdoors.
  • Stylish – as we’ve touched on, cargo trousers paired with high top boots and a plain wool jumper is on-trend.

Trespass Top Picks

Best Quality Cargo Trousers



  • Woven 100% Polyamide
  • Quick Dry
  • UV 40+
  • Mosquito Repellent Finish
  • Flat Waist with Elasticated Back Panel
  • Adjustable Belt
  • Zip Off Legs
  • Fly Front Opening
  • 6 Pockets



  • Woven 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
  • UV40+
  • Water Repellent DWR
  • Adjustable Waist with Back Elastic
  • Belt Loops
  • 4 Pockets
  • Zip Off Legs for Mid Length Shorts



  • Woven 100% Polyamide
  • DWR Coating
  • UV 40+
  • Adjustable Inner Waistband Elastic
  • Zip Off Lower Legs
  • Front Fly Opening
  • 2 Side Pocket Openings
  • 1 Zipped Leg Pocket in Contrast Colour
  • 1 Patch Pocket on Leg
  • Articulated Knees