Bayton Women's Walking Socks

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  • Womens walking socks
  • Padding around heel and toe
  • Elasticated grip elements
  • Elasticated cuff

The Bayton women's hiking socks have been designed with the comfort of your feet in mind. With padding around the heels and toes, these socks will help stop painful rubbing and blistering whilst the elasticated grips will help them stay securely on.

Furthermore, as they have been made using cotton these socks are very cosy and insulating, perfect for journeys out into the cold and frosty outdoors. These socks would be a great addition to any walking outfit and why don't you check out our selection of hiking boots for the whole package. 



Our women's hiking socks are great for wearing with hiking or walking boots so your feet stay comfortable, supported and warm all day. They are also available in a number of different colours, allowing you to choose a pair which will go with your existing hiking gear.