Rubber Mallet 290g

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  • Rubber Mallet
  • Metal Shaft for Tent Pegs
  • Rubber Head & Grip
  • Metal Shaft
  • Dimensions: 72mm W x 250mm L
  • Weight: 0.29kg

An essential piece of kit to have with you on the campsite, the Belta rubber mallet will help you secure down your tent so you have a stable form on shelter. Lightweight, this mallet has a rubber grip for a secure hold as you pitch up your tent.

A metal shaft gives it the weight it needs to make sure pegs are able to break the terrain while the rubber head means you won't have to worry about breaking the pegs as you hit them. The Belta rubber mallet should be a part of any campers tool kit and will help you quickly assemble your tent so you can get some well earned rest.